40 Books Every New Yorker Must Read

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Casa De La Flora

Casa de La Flora

@ThreadTherapy and myself stayed at Casa de La Flora as part of a 15 day trip throughout Southeast Asia during the Christmas and New Years of 2015. The property is simply breathtaking, and after spending 5 nights, we felt it wast ‘The Most Instafamous Hotel in Thailand’, checkout our review and see for yourself.


40 Books Every New Yorker Must Read

40 Books Every New Yorker Must Read

Reading, n.: The act of reading; perusal; recitation.

Anyone still doing that?

A question that needs not an answer, but rather a firm push in the write direction:

The 40 Books Every New Yorker Must Read, an unranked, genre-neutral, incomplete-but-when-is-anything-ever-really-complete celebration of the most enchanting and inspiring voices that have made literal our fair city’s history.

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