A leather jacket is as good a wardrobe staple as a white button-up shirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Perfect for both men and women, leather jackets are versatile and capable of dressing up the dullest of outfits. What’s more, they help you look stylish and are on-trend all through the year!

A good leather jacket can be expensive though, so if you live on a strict budget collecting coupons andfreebies, it’ll do you well to think before making your big purchase. You certainly don’t want to buy a leather jacket that doesn’t suit your style or spend a whole lot of money on one that isn’t durable.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you splurge on your first leather jacket.

Know How Much to Spend

If you’ve set aside just under 50 bucks for a leather jacket, you might want to wait until you save some more money. That’s because a cheap jacket will look just that- cheap; it won’t even last you long.

If you’re planning to buy a genuine leather jacket, you’ll have to stretch your budget to at least $150. Faux leather jackets will be cheaper but aim for the upper bracket to buy one that looks and feels like real leather.

Think of buying a leather jacket as an investment instead of worrying about the price tag. Know exactly how much you can afford to spend on a jacket and you’re sure to make the right choice.

Pick the Right Skin

The skin of a leather jacket dictates not just its looks and comfort level, but performance and durability too. The tanning process also plays an important role in the quality of a leather jacket. As such, if you’re going for genuine leather, take some time to learn about the different skins before you make a purchase.

Bovine leather and horse hide are usually stiff and take time to wear in. Calfskin leather is pliable and makes a better alternative, but is less durable. Goatskin leather, in addition to being supple and durable, is also highly water repellant. Sheepskin and lambskin while being soft and light, are not as hardwearing.

Select a Neutral Jacket


Neutral colors go well with almost everything so buying a black, brown, or camel colored jacket will help you mix and match your wardrobe pieces well. You’ll obviously have trouble pairing a brightly colored jacket with your other clothes!

Moreover, you might not be able to wear a bright leather jacket too often. On the other hand, a neutral colored jacket can be worn repeatedly, helping you make a subtle statement without making you stand out from the crowd.

Match Style and Personality

There are various styles of leather jackets available and buying one can be very confusing for a first-timer. Leather jacket styles can speak volumes about your personality so pick a style that’s an extension of your character. If you like a sporty jacket but are usually timid, you might want to rethink your options.

The most famous jacket style is the classic biker jacket. The motocross or the café racer is sportier and has a streamlined fit. The fencing and bomber are other well-known jacket styles.

Flatter Your Figure

Just as you select other wardrobe pieces according to your body type, you should pick a leather jacket that flatters your figure.

  • If you have wide hips, go for a cropped leather jacket.
  • Women with a prominent upper body should select hip-length jackets.
  • Choose jackets with vertical details for an overall slimming look.
  • Straight-figured women should go for a jacket with details like studs or zippers to add dimension to their frame.


Further to this, it is important to buy a jacket that fits you well; a well-fitting jacket should look and feel like a second skin. In case you’re buying a leather jacket to be worn in winters, go for one that is a size larger so as to accommodate layers. A smaller sized jacket will do if you’ll be wearing your leather jacket only in summers.

Irrespective of the size you go for, remember to buy a jacket with high-cut armholes. You should be able to move your arms freely and there shouldn’t be any loose leather hanging from the shoulders or armpits. Also, the jacket sleeves shouldn’t go past the wrists.

And That’s it.

A leather jacket will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Because a leather jacket is nothing short of an investment, take your time to choose the right jacket before you commit to buying one.

With the tips given here, you now know what to look for in a leather jacket when you’re on a budget. Buying a quality leather jacket will be costly, but it’ll surely be worth it! So decide on a budget and save up for a leather jacket that’s perfect for you!