Martin Shkreli Goes to Jail: America Celebrates, Watch Macaulay Culkin Play a F*cked Up Kevin from Home Alone

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Martin Shkreli Goes To Jail: America Celebrates

Martin Shkreli Goes to Jail: America Celebrates

Good luck in jail, pretty boy

Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, who become the infamous asshole behind price-gauging a life-saving drug was arrested on charges of securities fraud early Thursday morning.

Shkreli and attorney Evan Greebel, who allegedly helped Shkreli be an all-around shitty person, were released on $5 million and $1 million bonds respectively after pleading not guilty.

According to Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers during a press conference Thursday, “Shkreli essentially ran his company like a Ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company.”

Are we really surprised?

The Internet blew up with laughter and karma remarks as the news of Shkreli’s arrest broke Thursday morning. This arrest came just days after the world found out this little dick is also the guy who won the bids on the one copy only Wu Tang album. Which he paid a cool $2 million for.

Martin, we’re happy you found your cocky ass in handcuffs yesterday morning. And we hope your future jury is as harsh on you as the court of public opinion is.

Also, just a small piece of advice Marty, but if you’re breaking the law on a regular basis– and you seem smart enough to what you’re doing, don’t go around giving the middle finger to the world. Pissing people off makes them look into you, and as you can clearly see now, you may regret that.

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Watch Macaulay Culkin Play A F*cked Up Kevin From Home Alone

Watch Macaulay Culkin Play a F*cked Up Kevin from Home Alone

Kevin is back, and he’s seen some shit. 

Ever wonder what Kevin McCallister would be like years later after his family regularly treated him like the forgotten child?

He’d be fucked up.

Lucky for us Macaulay Culkin agreed and did a little comeback to show the world just how much Kevin’s family leaving him to be tormented by Joe Pesci really took a toll on him.

Without any further explanation, check out the video below, and never watch Home Alone the same way again.

Watch Dryvrs featuring Macaulay Culkin


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