How Much is a Female Orgasm Worth? Oh, How About $1 Billion, Is SoulCycle's IPO Setup to Crash?, How to Make a 5 Hour Flight Fly By

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

How Much Is A Female Orgasm Worth? Oh, How About $1 Billion

How Much is a Female Orgasm Worth? Oh, How About $1 Billion

The Female Viagara is here

Its name is Addyi.

And the parent company, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, has already been sold for $1 billion to Valeant.

What does it actually do?

Its goal is to increase sexual desire in women, which is caused by a lost in “lust”. Apparently 1 out of 10 women have lost their lust.

Cost: $400 a month without insurance.

Well, does it work?

There was an average of 53 percent increase in sexual desire overall, but 55 percent of women were high responders and had an even greater response.

Make sure not to drink alcohol on it

Addyi is not supposed to be used by women who drink alcohol, which could significantly curb sales, and your fun on a Friday night.

Addyi will be available October 17

Guys, mark that date on your calendar.

Ladies, watch out for any guys marking this date on their calendar.

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Is Soulcycle's Ipo Setup To Crash?

Is SoulCycle's IPO Setup to Crash?

SoulCycle, our favorite way to sweat our ass off for 45 minutes is going public in the coming months.

What is it?

For those of you outside a major city, SoulCycle is a group “spinning” class (riding a stationary bike surrounded by milllenials).

So how much are they making

Currently, there are about 40 SoulCycle locations in the United States, and the company made $26.5 million in profit last year, almost 240% more than it did in 2012.

And why are they going public?

The IPO will be used to pay off debt and grow its business by opening more studios, attracting more customers through marketing and social media, and selling workout apparel and Web-based services.

Uh oh, their prospects for growth outside major cities looks limited

From their prospectus:

“Our studios in the New York metropolitan area and in and around Los Angeles and San Francisco generated approximately 95% of our revenues for [the first quarter of 2015] and 97% of our revenues for [2014],” the company said.

“We may not find as much demand in other markets and our brand may not gain the same acceptance.”

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How To Make A 5 Hour Flight Fly By

How to Make a 5 Hour Flight Fly By

I’m going on a 9 day trip to Europe soon, and on my flight, my first priority is to pack Monocle magazine.

What is Monocle

It’s a print publication that was launched in 2007, Monocle was launched as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more.

It has everything I need to breeze through a 5 hour flight

What’s great about Monocle is it not only makes you feel smarter (when you’re reading about the latest on the elections in Tokyo), but you also learn about the best cafes to visit while in Amsterdam, and to top it all off, you get your sartorial advice on how to travel in style.

I subscribed last year, and cherish my monthly issues

It costs $150 for the year for 12 issues, and is worth every penny.

Use the code MON2015 to get 10% off your subscription.


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