Ashley Madison is being Sued for Over Half a Billion Dollars, The Right Ways to Rock a Beard, Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Ashley Madison Is Being Sued For Over Half A Billion Dollars

Ashley Madison is being Sued for Over Half a Billion Dollars

The Ashley Madison Problem Continues

Aside from being embarrassed and having to look for divorce attorneys, the leaked clientele of Ashley Madison are also pretty pissed.

In Case You’ve Somehow Missed it…

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so and haven’t heard, the spousal cheating site, Ashley Madison, was hacked and their client data was leaked. Meaning everyone from your cheating neighbor to a Florida States Attorney might have some explaining to do.

Big Problems Equal Big Payout

As of now, five suits have already been filed against Ashley Madison for breach of contract, negligence, and various privacy laws.

All American plaintiffs are currently anonymous, and haven’t yet filed a class-action lawsuit, but seem to be taking the preliminary steps to move that direction.

The fifth plaintiff, Canadian Eliot Shore, has already filed a class-action and is seeking $573 million.

By the sounds of it, this Ashley Madison hack may not be the worst thing that has ever happened to these likely newly divorced men. I’m guessing when they signed up for a little side action, they weren’t expecting a multimillion dollar payout on top of it.

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The Right Ways To Rock A Beard

The Right Ways to Rock a Beard

There’s no one correct way to have a beard, but there are a lot of wrong ways to wear one. We asked barbers from across the country to weigh in on how to get the best, most gentlemanly beards around. There’s something here for everyone.
The Purposeful Stubble

The purposeful stubble, also referred to as the the shadow, is one of those beard styles that basically requires that you grow out a couple days worth of growth but continue to trim it so that it doesn’t get unruly. The key is to look naturally manly with all that sprouting hair but not like you haven’t showered in a week. This beard style tends to favor men with strong jaw lines since it draws attention while leaving the jaw line exposed in shape. It works well if you naturally grow hair quickly anyway, since it is easier to shape without an awkward growth phase.
The Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is one of the good beard styles for anyone who wants to keep some regular beard going on but wants to keep things clean and professional. It does require quite a bit more upkeep than a lot of the other beard options however. The beard is characterized by clear lines and a close cut crop, which can create definition on faces that lack a bit in the chin department. Be mindful not to cut the beard too high on your neck even though it isn’t a full beard, as this can throw off your natural proportions.
The Neat Circle Beard

The neat circle beard cuts off the edges and stays focused on the chin and mustache, while remaining short and clean. This is a good alternative to the purposeful stubble look if your hair tends to grow in uneven or if you are trying to add some oomph to the chin area. Keeping the clean lines is crucial with this one so it is not one of those beard styles for the lazy groomer. To get the circle shape, it’s best to let all of the hair grow out for a few days and then go to work on the shape. Instead of cutting in an actual circle, utilize a shaving stroke that’s made up of many small lines that will end up mimicking the shape of a circle.
The Long But Neat

Keeping these gentlemanly beard styles in check does not necessarily require keeping them short either, it’s mostly about the maintenance and grooming to stay put together factor. The long but neat beard can vary in length dramatically based on your preference, but it must stay trimmed regularly. If it isn’t trimmed then it will just turn into an unruly giant beard, which is fine for some but not sticking with the gentlemanly vibe that we’re going for here. If you’re going to take the long but neat beard to great lengths, then you should consider washing and conditioning it in the same way you would treat the hair on your head. You might need to use a beard balm to control any frizz and keep things in check.

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Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended

Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended

Frats Boys are at it Again

A group of frat boys have been suspended from Old Dominion University for their sexually suggestive signs hung above the fraternity entrance.

The group hung signs urging daughters and moms to be dropped off at their house, which really pissed off some of the new comers and school administrators.

With sexual assault on college campuses being such a hot button topic as of recent, they boys really shouldn’t be surprised with the uproar they’ve caused.

Good luck explaining to mom why you’re already back from fall semester, guys…

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