Why You Shouldn't Ride a Hoverboard at LAX, Nipple Equality is Fought for During Go Topless Day, Snapchat Financials Leaked: They're Broke

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Why You Shouldn't Ride A Hoverboard At Lax

Why You Shouldn't Ride a Hoverboard at LAX

Wiz Khalifa was Arrested, and it Wasn’t for Weed

Apparently riding a hoverboard is frowned upon inside LAX, and rapper Wiz Khalifa found this out the hard way.

Police claimed the rapper resisted arrest, and used what appears to be seven officers to take down the scrawny stoner.

He Speaks for the People… Apparently. 

Wiz took to Twitter to fight for his hoverboarding rights, letting everyone know he speaks for the hoverboard generation, and all who disagree should “eat a dick.”

Our Take

If you ask us, you should probably just get off your hoverboard when the TSA demands it. However, we do think it’s a little ridiculous to use so many officers to take down one tiny rapper.

I mean, what if someone was trying to sneak a snow globe through security? Who’s watching for the snow globes, guys?

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Nipple Equality Is Fought For During Go Topless Day

Nipple Equality is Fought for During Go Topless Day


In the wakes of the Free the Nipple campaign and Mayor de Blasio trying to rid Times Square of its topless ladies, Go Topless Day 2015 went off in more than 60 cities Sunday.

There were shirtless parades, signs, and advocators for the less clothed way of life, comparing women going topless in public to women getting the right to vote.

“A hundred years ago, though women had just earned the right to vote, relatively few actually did because of their conditioning,” the group said. “It took a lot of encouragement for them to feel comfortable voting. It is the same process for their topless right.” Said one participant.

And while we wouldn’t have initially thought of it that way, she makes a good point.

Will Things Change?

The Free the Nipple movement has been going on for years, with this being the seventh year of Go Topless Day.

Will women everywhere start seeing nipple equality as the norm, or will more ladies see it along the same lines as Jaclyn Garner of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, who was pretty upset her kids were “staring at a set of boobs.”

We’re guessing in time nipples on the street will be as common place as nipples on the internet, and we have zero issue with that. Lighten up, world. They’re only boobs.

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Snapchat Financials Leaked: They're Broke

Snapchat Financials Leaked: They're Broke

Facebook May Have Dodged a $128 Bullet

Just a couple years ago Facebook offered to buyout Snapchat for a cool $3 billion and was turned down. Turns out that’s good news for Facebook.

Leaked financials show Snapchat lost north of $128 million in 2014, while only bringing in 3 million in ad revenue during the same period.

Snapchat introduced ads recently, but it’s unlikely they could make up such a large deficit with mobile ads alone.

What’s Next?

So what happens next for the app that helps you get your nudie pics?

It’s obvious that their future is uncertain with some venture capitalists saying their current evaluation of $15 million is simply unsustainable.

However, their technology is up there with the best, and they are by no means dead. If they find the right strategic partner, or find a a market they haven’t looked down yet there’s no saying how big they could get.

Only time will tell.

Until then, keep up your stories, selfies, and filters, but remember… nothing is really deleted from the world wide web, so think twice before sending that tipsy sexy shot.

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