Your Guide to Overtime in the Bedroom , The Style Guy Leaves GQ, Talks Some Shit on His Way Out, Even Mother Nature Hates Delta

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Your Guide To Overtime In The Bedroom

Your Guide to Overtime in the Bedroom

An unexpectedly brief sex session is not generally welcomed in the sack, but the fact is that it can happen to anyone and that there are a lot of things you can do about it. Here are some tips for lasting longer and going into overtime in the bedroom.

Take Breaks

Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean hopping up to get a drink of water (although it can), but you can also take sex breaks that don’t quit in the pleasure department. Pull out for a while and stimulate her in any other way…fingers, mouth, giving her some clitoral action with the head of your penis. The key is to figure out what will let you cool down (a degree or so) so that you can heat back up again without boiling over right at the start.

Stop Overthinking

Yes, you are. Some thinking is okay in bed because you want to, you know do well, but getting caught up on how it’s going is a death sentence. If your sexy time has ever been cut short by your inability to keep it up, you might just be experiencing some good old performance anxiety. Instead of stressing out about what she’s thinking you can always ask. Most women will be pretty upfront with their needs and wants in bed. Focus on connecting to her as a person and not as a hopeful orgasm and you’ll be more likely to notice the subtle clues her natural responses are trying to tell you.

Take it Slow

Pounding away is fine some of the time, but it’s usually not the best way to heighten pleasure and it’s bound to cut things off early. Think less like a masturbating teen in a rush to avoid getting caught and more like an adult that has the capacity to savor the moment. There are more opportunities to connect when you’re moving slow with intention, and it will still be hot enough to get you both where you need to go.

Train Yourself to Last Longer

If you’re willing to put in some work you can actually train yourself to last longer by practicing a specific rhythm with your thrusts. Think a few fast followed by a few slow and repeat. The slow time can be enough to pull you back from the brink without stopping the action. In addition to switching up the pace, you can also alternate between thrusting deep and thrusting shallow to keep things switched up.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

You’ve probably heard of the kegal exercises the ladies are suggested to do down there, but something similar might be helpful to you as well. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles by regularly squeezing them internally can actually stop premature ejaculation in it’s tracks. To make sure you’re squeezing the right muscles, they’re the ones that would stop your pee flow if you squeezed them mid stream.

Eat Your Veggies

Well guys, one study done at Yale found that vegetarian men had about double the general stamina as their meat eating counterparts. Does that mean you need to quit burgers? No, but it does mean you should be keeping up with your fitness routine and feeding your body healthy, unprocessed food options whenever possible. Your sex life might just depend on it.

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The Style Guy Leaves Gq, Talks Some Shit On His Way Out

The Style Guy Leaves GQ, Talks Some Shit on His Way Out

The Original Style Guy Has Left the Building

Glenn O’Brien, the creator and author behind GQ’s widely known Style Guy, a monthly column where readers can write in their questions, and Glenn will provide some sartorially savvy answers with a little humor mixed in is done after more than 15 years with the magazine.

And He’s Kinda Salty About it

This came as a surprise to many in the fashion and editorial industry, including O’Brien himself. After his contract was not renewed, and him and GQ’s Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson hadn’t been seeing eye-to-eye, O’Brien got the boot for a younger model.

But The Style Guy won’t go down without a fight. After his departure he did an interview with Four-Pins, where he bashed a little bit of everything from the editorial direction, to their failed attempts at digital, and how he was the real face of GQ.

But the Column Will Go On

While O’Brien might have given The Style Guy birth (and written a book by the same title), GQ is claiming ownership. They have kept the name and decided to continue the column while also bringing it to more of a digital audience with Twitter questions being an added element.

The new job went to GQ Associate Editor, Mark Anthony Green. And to announce his presence GQ did a quick question round up and answer via Twitter.

GQ Has Kept its Cool

While O’Brien has talked some shit about Jim Nelson and the rest of the GQ decision makers, Nelson has kept his cool, simply releasing the following statement…

I don’t think about it so much as “rebranding” Style Guy as just rethinking it, which you always have to do in magazines, particularly with columns, even the very best of which can get predictable after a while. And Glenn’s was among the very best. I loved Glenn’s column, his wit and his take on fashion and style history, for many, many years—and he’s absolutely right that he has a unique voice. But I thought, after 16 years, it was time for a different perspective on fashion and style.

Things have changed so much, not the least of which is the way people want information and advice. And I’m interested in Style Guy moving forward, being in different places, being more responsive to the modern reader, more immediate and helpful. I actually don’t think of it so much as a “column” anymore as an ongoing style conversation with our readers. I think they’re hungry for that.”

Moving Forward

We’ll be excited to see what this shake up brings to the table for men’s fashion. Mark Anthony Green has big shoes to fill, but we’re guessing he’ll do an alright job winner over readers.

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Even Mother Nature Hates Delta

Even Mother Nature Hates Delta

Skies Attempt to Fuck Up Delta

On Tuesday evening during a storm in Atlanta, a Delta plane was struck by lightening while on the runway.

Everyone On-Board is Fine

A Delta representative told CNN, “Aircraft design allows lightning bolts to be safely redirected” and that everyone on-board was in good condition.

We’re glad everyone on board is okay, but if we were them we’d get the hell out of there. Clearly the big guy upstairs has a vendetta against someone on that flight…or Delta.


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