Straight Outta Compton and Straight to the Box Office, Sharon Stone is Still Ridiculously Sexy, The Ultimate Video Game Experience

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Straight Outta Compton And Straight To The Box Office

Straight Outta Compton and Straight to the Box Office

NWA is at it Again

Straight Outta Compton released this weekend, bringing in a massive $56.1 million. This makes it the largest August released of all time, showing up “American Pie 2.” Only costing $29 million to make, they nearly doubled their goal opening weekend.

Relevant as Ever

While the story is set when Dre and Ice Cube first started making noise, the plot and controversy is as alive and relevant today as ever. With the recent racial tensions overwhelming the US, it’s no surprise the release was such a hit.

NWA made a big push years ago for a voice against racist police, will they make as big of a statement this time around?

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Sharon Stone Is Still Ridiculously Sexy

Sharon Stone is Still Ridiculously Sexy

Milf is an understatement 

57 years old an still an absolute fucking knockout. Sharon Stone is what every man hopes his wife will look like, and is what every woman prays she’ll still resemble while creeping up on 60.

In the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Stone leaves her clothes in the dressing room and rocks nothing but heels while discussing her career highs and lows.

Not the First Time

Stone has used her sexy ways to jump start her career in the past, including her early 90s playboy spread. Which was quickly followed up by the infamous “Basic Instinct” open legs shot.

Will this spread do for her what her past nude performances have? By the looks of the current publicity, it just may.

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The Ultimate Video Game Experience

The Ultimate Video Game Experience

Get Off the Damn Couch

Video gaming in the past typically consisted of a bag of weed, some chips, a few friends, and your home entertainment system. That just wasn’t good enough for the Aussie’s.

Zero Latency, a 4,300-square-foot warehouse in Melbourne is now using Oculus Rifts to give you the most intense gaming session of your life.

Not for the Weak

The game consists of full immersion into the virtual reality world. You run for real when you need to run in the game, you have a gun in hand, and you better be on your shit.

If this trend continues video game nerds will no longer be the guys talking shit over their headsets to 14 year olds, but doing combat like moves to make it to the next level.

While we aren’t huge gamers here at Life, Tailored, we’d definitely get down on this. And if you want to get psyched in the meantime while hoping this makes its way to the US, check out this awesome video.

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