Tianjin Chemical Fire Devastates China , Bradley Cooper is Now a Badass Chef, Got Dirty Kicks?

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Tianjin Chemical Fire Devastates China

Tianjin Chemical Fire Devastates China

Major Fire Kills Dozens and Injures Hundreds

They are yet to know the cause of the fire, but the massive devastation it left behind is felt by millions. Tianjin, a city of 13 million located several hours outside of Hong Kong, erupted with balls of fire shooting into the sky late Wednesday evening.

The fires continued to burn Thursday, and the explosions were confirmed to come from Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co., who both transfer and store dangerous chemicals.

As of now at least 50 people are confirmed dead, with an additional 700 being treated in the hospitals.

What’s Next?

Just under 90,000 people live in the area affected by the blast, whose homes are now akin to have been through an earthquake. Tianjin has brought in a team of chemical experts of more than 200 people to assess the health risks for everyone in the area.

Needless to say the public is outraged, especially at the lack of knowledge of what caused this in the first place. China is widely known to have factories that have unsafe working conditions, and this is just the latest in what likely could have been avoided.

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Bradley Cooper Is Now A Badass Chef

Bradley Cooper is Now a Badass Chef


Bradley Cooper is starring as Chef Adam Jones, a drug loving, ambitious chef chasing his dreams in his new movie, Burnt.

Directed by John Wells (August: Osage County) and co-starring Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson, and Jamie Dornan, the movie already looks to be a highly anticipated hit, even though the first trailer was just released on Thursday.

Why Does This Matter?

With Bradley Cooper missing out on his previous Academy Award chances and being nominated the last three years without a win, he’s taken on another dynamic role to show the world this dude can act.

The cultural obsession with asshole chefs and cooking shows makes us think Burnt will likely storm the box offices on opening weekend, Oct. 23rd. Check out the trailer, and get excited, because this movie looks damn good.

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Got Dirty Kicks?

Got Dirty Kicks?

Clean Yo Kicks

There is a new service that will literally ‘Clean Yo Kicks‘ for you. If you’re in NYC and have some dirty shoes, you can hit up this on demand service and they will swing by and pick up your dirty sneakers for only $9.99.

So How Does This Work?

You go to their website, fill out the address form, and they will come pick up your shoes and bring them back to life. You can have your kicks polished, hand washed, odor removed, and de-scuffed, all for $9.99 a pair, or $24.99 for three.

You have absolutely no excuse to have messed up shoes anymore.

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