Have You Googled Alphabet Yet?, The New and Improved Chuck Taylors, You Can Now See Your CEO's Paycheck

Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Have You Googled Alphabet Yet?

Have You Googled Alphabet Yet?

Google Owned by Alphabet 

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Google, the search engine turned fucking everything, will now be owned by the parent company they recently created, Alphabet.

…And Why is That?

Well, essentially, Google realized it was wearing too many hats. They have had a long time slogan stating corporations should just do “one thing really, really well.” And they haven’t followed their own advice in years. So, by creating this parent company and a handful of subsidiaries, each group can focus on their own world changing awesomeness.

There will now be eight companies underneath Alphabet, which are:

  • Calico– fighting the aging process
  • Nest– keeping your homes super techy
  • Google Ventures– Startup investments
  • Google X– The cool shit, like self-driving cars
  • Fiber– Broadband internet
  • Google Capital– Longterm investments
  • Life Sciences– Smart contacts
  • Google– search, ads, etc.

And another six under the Google name including Youtube and Android.

This gives Google, or rather, Alphabet, the power to grow even larger than it currently is. So what will be next for Alphabet? Which world are they about to conquer? It will definitely be interesting to watch in the coming weeks as details of projects are released, but one thing is for sure, Google looking into health, means things will probably be changing in healthcare.


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The New And Improved Chuck Taylors

The New and Improved Chuck Taylors


Converse released a new Chuck Taylor that, well, basically looks just like the old Chuck Taylors. Of course, there are a few major adjustments.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of All-Stars, then you know what it’s like to have at least one part of your foot burning in pain for as long as it takes to break those bad boys in. Converse heard you, and they’ve sent an answer to your pain.

The new kicks look just like the old ones on the outside for the most part, except these have a few updated details, like a stitched on patch and eyelets that match the rest of the shoe. Other than that, the big changes are what lies beneath.

The Inner Workings

The floppy canvas that we’re all used to on the high-tops has been replaced with Tencel canvas that will last longer and hold its shape over time. They also added a solid amount of foam padding below and around the foot, and threw a slightly padded tongue on there just to be nice.

So basically, they kept everything we love about the originals, updated them for some modern style, and made them more comfortable. We’re not complaining about that.

Grab some of the new pairs and check them out for yourself, then let us know what you think.



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You Can Now See Your Ceo's Paycheck

You Can Now See Your CEO's Paycheck

The SEC Announces Disclosure

The Securities and Exchange Commission just dropped a new rule that will demand disclosure on pay ratios between a company’s CEO and their employees.

Why This Matters…

This is a big deal, as pointed out in the New York Times, because previously this information only had to be released to shareholders. And while shareholders likely have their own millions to worry about rather than the CEO’s, the average employee does not.

If companies are shown to have a ridiculously large gap between what their Chief Officers are making compared to the rest of the company, this has the potential to cause them damage in a number of ways. Namely, if people decide to be vocal about any outrages.

We’re already gearing up to watch for the companies who will soon have employees picketing outside, and consumers protesting their assholish greed. Grab your popcorn folks, this could get ugly.

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