Ferguson in State of Emergency, So, Apparently Southern Food Isn't Good for You?, The Art of the Cardigan: A Simple Guide

Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Ferguson In State Of Emergency

Ferguson in State of Emergency

State of Emergency

There were mostly peaceful protests in remembrance of Michael Brown one Sunday, which marked the one year mark since he was shot and killed in Ferguson, MO. However, as the day wound down someone decided to take fire on some police causing the peaceful day to erupt into utter chaos. Officers then shot and killed 18 year old Tyrone Harris Jr. in connection with the original shooting. Given tensions already being high, this lead to all out riots, including multiple shootings, robberies, and destruction of property, leaving Ferguson to show themselves in the same light we saw a year ago. On Monday, The St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger issued an official state of emergency. “The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger,” said Stenger in a released statement.

Police spent Monday rounding up loads of protesters, while the next few days will be spent with the rest of the US watching.

Our Two Cents.

To the people of Ferguson, MO., we hear your pain. While we can’t all fully feel it, we can appreciate how upset and outraged you are, and have been for the past year. We know you want to be heard, you want justice for a fallen child in your community, and we, as a nation, are behind you. But we beg of you, stop what you’re doing. Change is created through knowledge, not bullets. Change is brought on by acceptance and peace, not rioting and hate. By continuing to kill and cause chaos in the streets, you are only furthering the divide that needs to be fixed.

And to the police, we hope you can remember this isn’t Iraq, and you aren’t in a war zone. We hope you can treat all of these protesters like they are nothing more than scared, angry children, because that’s exactly what a lot of them are. While the citizens of Ferguson may be making some of the worst decisions possible, we hope you make decisions that help to de-esculate the situations in the coming hours and days, rather than ones to make things worse. The whole country is watching, Ferguson. What are you going to do now?


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So, Apparently Southern Food Isn't Good For You?

So, Apparently Southern Food Isn't Good for You?

Fried Chicken Isn’t So Friendly

In a not so mind blowing discovery, the University of Alabama has found in a recent study that deep fried, fatty foods cause heart disease. In a study spanning across the US involving more than 17,000 participants over the age of 45 who had not currently developed heart disease, they studied their eating habits and checked in periodically over the next six years. According to Forbes, what happened in the analysis of eating habits was five distinct patterns, including:

  • The Southern pattern: Fried foods, fatty foods, added fats, eggs, processed meats, such as bacon and ham, organ meats (e.g. liver), and sugary drinks
  • The Plant-Based pattern: High in fruits and vegetables, cereals, beans, yogurt, poultry and fish.
  • The Convenience pattern: Easy-to-fix foods like pasta dishes, Mexican food, Chinese food, and pizza.
  • The Sweets pattern: Foods with more added sugars, desserts, chocolate, candy, and sweetened breakfast foods.
  • The Alcohol/Salads: Characterized by beer, wine, liquor, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and salad dressings.

The big results: if you eat more of a Southern style diet, you have a 56% increased chance of cloggin’ up the old arteries before it’s your time. Of course, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Our Suggestion

Eat less like Colonel Sanders, and more like you want to live, and your heart will hopefully not give you the finger quite as early. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to enjoy some good ole’ southern cooking every now and again. I mean, c’mon.

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The Art Of The Cardigan: A Simple Guide

The Art of the Cardigan: A Simple Guide

Fall Fashion

We recently teamed up with the mind behind The Timeless Gent, and had him give us a little tutorial on his rules for fall casual. His biggest piece of advice: rocking a cardigan, and doing it right. He broke down everything from the different collars to buttons for us in his piece on Life, Tailored, but we wanted to share our biggest take aways with you here.

Here are Giuliano Caracciolo’s main rules for sporting your casual cardigan this fall:

• Never button the bottom button on a cardigan, regardless of which layer it is on for your look. Sometimes, leaving the bottom two buttons unbuttoned looks well on men.
• Ensure that the cardigan is not too tight fitted but not too baggy either. The cardigan is meant to be worn as a middle or outer later so keep this in mind when selecting one. Ideally, your cardigan should have a fitted look once over a t-shirt, dress shirt or other base layer.
• Like many other garments in your wardrobe, black, navy and grey cardigans should be the three purchases you make first. All three colors look great paired with pretty much any shade and you will never be hesitant when trying to match more complex patterns
• Solid colored cardigans always look more classic and refined than patterns and will stand the test of time.
Never tuck in a cardigan, this is an important one.
• For men, cardigans should have simple, small buttons with as little detail as possible. Actually, flashy and large buttons are a good indicator of a female cardigan.
• Like a blazer, the shoulder seams of a cardigan should line up with the ends of your shoulders for the most proper fit.

There you have it men, your one minute tutorial on not looking like a fool this fall. Read it, remember it, embrace it.

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