North Korea is Going Back in Time, Pornhub Goes Premium, Get Fit at Home

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

North Korea Is Going Back In Time

North Korea is Going Back in Time

No More Imperialist Time in the North

As a big fuck you to Japan, North Korea has decided it’s now running by its own time zone, “Pyongyang Time,” which means starting on August 15th all of North Korea will be setting their clocks back 30 minutes. South Korea, who also isn’t a big fan of the Japanese “Imperialists,” has decided their hate isn’t worth the hassle, and doesn’t plan on taking the North’s lead any time soon.

What’s The Beef?

North Korea has issues when it comes to get over past differences, and this is no different. Pre World War II, Japan had rule over Korea, once they were defeated and the peninsula of Korea was free, they still kept certain things applied by Japanese rule. One of these things, which wouldn’t matter to most, is their current time zone. But North Korea don’t roll like that, and no one tells them what time it is. So on the 70th Anniversary of Japan’s defeat in WWII, North Korea has decided to act like their teenage rebellion and turn the clocks back 30 minutes.

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Pornhub Goes Premium

Pornhub Goes Premium

1080p for a Price 

Pornhub, isn’t happy being simply being America’s favorite internet pastime, they want to make their ways on to a TV near you. The X-rate site is planning to launch “Pornhub Premium,” a high def, more exclusive version of the free site for $9.99/month. Apparently, Pornhub also plans on launching some android and Roku compatible apps in the near future, along with some virtual reality next year. $9.99/month to enjoy your alone time seems like a steep price, but hey, we don’t judge.

Our Thoughts

While we don’t plan on splurging for the upgrade, we’re sure there are plenty of men out there who will. Regardless of your views on the industry, you have to admit the company knows how to make some cash. Pornhub itself is apparently worth just over $37 Million, while the parent company’s owner, Fabian Thylmann, who also hosts a slew of other internet porn sites is worth a reported $200 Million. Aside from being the reigning king of Germany due to his porn profits, Thylmann was arrested in 2012 for failing to pay taxes. But aside from that, the kind of porn lives a pretty mundane life, and is actually married with children– who’d of thought?

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Get Fit At Home

Get Fit at Home

5 Minutes of Your Time

Men’s Health recently named their winner of the 2015 Next Top Trainer competition. Winner, Gideon Akande, typically kicks your ass in to gear doing high intensity workouts during his bootcamps in Chicago, but for his big win he put together a five minute circuit for Men’s Health that will definitely get your blood pumping.

Here are the basic moves you need to get down, and what to do with them:

Exercise 1. Glute bridge
Optional progressions: small march, big march

Exercise 2. Plank
Optional progressions: feet together, pushup, alligator pushup

Exercise 3. Reverse lunge
Optional progressions: knee tuck, knee tuck with hop

Exercise 4. Dumbbell standing row
Optional progressions: alternating rows, see-saw rows, single-arm iso hold

Exercise 5. High-knee sprints and pushup-position shoulder taps

Perform as many reps of an exercise as possible in 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and then move on to the next movement. Finish all five exercises to complete 1 round. Do up to 4 rounds

If you need a little more inspiration than just the words to get you moving, heard over to Men’s Health and follow along with Gideon in the video.

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