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Who Is Behind AuBit and The $FWT Token?

AuBit is an international tech company that has developed a decentralized ecosystem to provide users with the best possible digital experience. AuBit’s executive team brings together a wealth of knowledge from tech, finance, business development, and entrepreneurship.

The goal is to make this cryptocurrency accessible for anyone who wants to use it. They want all users to feel safe while using their platform – whether they are sending or receiving money or even browsing the internet. Founded in 2018, AuBit offers its cryptocurrency (FWT), staked for return on investment (ROI).

The $FWT token also provides paid services and products within the ecosystem. With over half of internet users worldwide accessing it daily, this platform will change what you think you know about ads. To learn more about who’s behind AuBit and how much you can make staking $FWT, keep reading!

The AuBit Team

At AuBit, there’s a group of tech-savvy professionals who all have a strong passion for technology. The founders consist of entrepreneurs, CTO’s from international tech companies, blockchain developers, and many more. The AuBit team has extensive experience in system design, software development, compliance, and blockchain research and engineering, with many successful projects under their belt. This diverse experience has been essential when developing the platform to ensure that it would be robust enough to deal with any challenges that face an exchange.

In addition to this, some advisors provide support by sharing their knowledge, expertise, and reputation within the community. They add invaluable insight into how they can continue building relationships with other key players in the cryptocurrency space.

AuBit is a next-generation technology company that aims to disrupt the financial service industry by building an innovative and easy-to-use application for cryptocurrency trading. AuBit has been in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space for several years. The team behind this ambitious project consists of experts from all over the world.

With a highly motivated team and has a vast amount of experience in the crypto space, AuBit has been working extremely hard to make this project a success and is supported by professionals in product development, business & marketing, and blockchain technology.

What is AuBit?

AuBit is a blockchain-based platform for building and running decentralized applications. It strives to be the go-to software solution for companies, institutions, and organizations to move their business onto the blockchain.

It also serves as a global financial platform and multi-currency wallet that allows anyone to make payments, send money transfers and invest their savings. It provides various investment instruments such as fiat currency exchange, digital currencies trading (Bitcoin), crypto portfolio management, and peer-to-peer loans. The company’s mission is to deliver the most reliable solution for people working with cryptocurrency efficiently without additional blockchains.

This platform allows users to create smart contracts with ease by providing easy access tools they need, such as an integrated client library or prebuilt UI components. These tools can then be used in any application built on top of the AuBit Platform. The main goal behind this system is transparency coupled with privacy giving developers more freedom than ever before when designing Dapps’ user interfaces (UI). A big focus has been placed on security, meaning all private keys are stored locally within each device instead of being managed centrally like many other blockchains.

AuBit wants to create an environment where developers can build their applications using the tools provided by AuBit; all while creating a community that will incentivize participation through token rewards and bounties. This is because they believe that for blockchain technology to grow, it needs the input of both individuals and businesses, institutions, and organizations who want it to succeed. The end goal here is simplicity, making sure Dapps are easy enough for anyone to use regardless of whether they’re tech-savvy or even familiar with this type of software beforehand. That’s why AuBit has created an ecosystem based on four fundamental principles: simplicity, transparency, privacy & security, decentralization/openness.

What is the $FWT Token?

The $FWT token is a utility-based token that powers AuBit‘s entire blockchain-driven ad network and many other vital features within the decentralized marketplace created with Auctus Labs. It’s an Ethereum ERC20 standard-compliant digital currency that will be used as a means of payment for various services and transactions within the platform.

It has real-world value. Blockchain technology creates an affinity between users and merchants. Commissions are only 0.01% for every transaction using cryptocurrency through AuBit. This measure helps protect both sides against fraud or price volatility that can occur on certain exchanges when you trade cryptocurrencies into fiat currency (or vice versa). Cryptocurrency trades are recorded on the public ledger, and it is impossible to trace a transaction from one wallet to another. In addition, merchants can sell tokens directly without converting them into fiat currency immediately for their transactions to be processed by credit card companies or banks.

The Token also serves several vital functions that help improve its value by increasing network effect, reducing volatility, creating demand, enabling governance, and more. The most significant use cases are outlined below:

  • It’s required to access many features on Auctus, including smart contract creation & deployment
  • Incentivizing user behavior through rewards such as personalized offers from advertisers
  • Users can purchase products while earning tokens directly in their wallets at no additional cost or middleman fees (only applicable if merchants choose to adopt this feature)
  • Ability to stake coins to reduce transaction costs over time without losing them through an intermediary proxy coin or other solution
  • Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain and contributes to broader network security, increases the transparency of data availability & integrity, creates a level playing field for users and advertisers, and fosters trust in the system
  • The community will be able to vote on future development issues such as fee changes or new features via a decentralized governance solution

The $FWT Token is an integral part of creating a truly open & transparent blockchain-driven ad platform that benefits everyone. Without it, the system can’t function properly and would be much less valuable to everyone involved.

How Much Can You Make Staking $FWT?

It depends on a lot of factors. You need to have enough $FWT initially, so you should stake for many weeks in advance if possible. The more #$FWT you have staking, the faster your earnings will grow because they’re compounded every hour instead of every day, like when you deposit or withdraw from MEW.

Also, note that it’s essential to keep track over time and not just take one snapshot since prices change over time. Your earning amount may fluctuate a bit, depending on price movements relative to overall inflation (~0-20% annually). Finally, if you’re holding $FWT on an exchange that doesn’t support staking (such as Bittrex), then your earnings potential will be reduced because the exchanges don’t receive rewards like stakers do, and they can’t spend their own #$FWT.

Another factor is that $FWT is the only currency on MEW with an inflation rate, which means it’s not fixed. The inflation rate decreases every year by about 0-20%. So if you stake now, then your earnings potential will be higher than staking next year because there’ll be less $FWT in circulation, and thus each $FWT will be worth more. So if you can time your staking correctly, you can maximize your profits.

It’s not uncommon to see $FWT priced at 200 sats or even higher when the market is bullish. That means your stake reward could be worth several thousand dollars! But how much can you make? The average monthly staking income for an $FWT wallet is about .0035% per day. At current prices, that’s around $12.50 a month or almost $150 a year. However, this is for a wallet with 100k $FWT. If you have more than that, the staking income increases significantly, since your effective interest rate increases.

The math here also assumes that no coins are spent during the month and that there’s only one transaction per day (the minimum needed to stake). It’s an unrealistic assumption, but it gives us a good baseline of what you can expect from simply holding onto your coins without any extra effort on your part. As soon as we factor in spending and multiple transactions each day, staking becomes even more profitable. You should aim to keep at least 500k $FWT if possible so you can maximize your returns while still having some liquid funds available in case you need it urgently.

Finally, an excellent place to start is by entering your wallet address into the calculator at coinpuffs.com/calc and seeing what kind of projected % annual returns you can get for various amounts of $FWT. This calculates both the amounts you have staked right now as well as any increased skates in the future. The latter will give you a rough estimate of what it would cost to get the desired returns.

While staking isn’t as exciting as trading or even holding on to your coins, it’s still a great way to passively earn money from those who don’t have the time, skills, or patience for more advanced crypto tasks. 

What Is The Mission Behind AuBit?

The mission of AuBit is to create a platform that enables access to cryptocurrency markets for anyone with an internet connection. The vision behind the project is not only about making crypto trading accessible but also building up liquidity and depth in these markets by empowering non-professional investors.

AuBit is here to advance the cryptocurrency market to provide more freedom for people around the world. It aims to make it easier for everyone, regardless of their age or background, to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method and store value without having too much technical knowledge about how blockchain technology works.

The AuBit team has a fantastic user experience from onboarding to spending your assets through the easy-to-use mobile wallets on iOS and Android devices. In addition, they believe that with this solution, consumers and merchants can benefit tremendously by accepting currencies other than fiat, which helps them reach a wider audience and increase their turnover. With these goals in mind, they decided that a digital token would be great. That’s why they created the $FWT token.

Who is the CEO of AuBit?

Graham Doggart – Founder and Co-CEO

AuBit is headed by Graham Doggart. He has been with the company for over 25 years and has served many roles, including CTO, director of engineering, head of R&D, and product manager. This experience means that he understands every layer needed to build a successful cloud solution, from back-end infrastructure to the front-end user experience.

In addition to being CEO of AuBit, Graham Doggart is also the co-founder and advisor of many blockchain projects. Graham Doggart has been involved in fifteen companies so far, and now he helps those who want to start their own company. He previously worked for BitPay Inc. and has a B.Sc in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow. With this extensive experience, Graham Doggart can help create blockchain solutions for any company that wants one.


Who is the CMO of AuBit?

Matthew Oxborrow – Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Oxborrow is the Chief Marketing Officer of AuBit. He graduated from Monash University with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and has a background as an online marketing consultant for various companies, including eBay. He loves to play tennis in his spare time.

Final Words

AuBit has the potential to change how people see and use cryptocurrencies. They have managed to create an ecosystem where consumers, merchants, and developers all win due to having access to cryptocurrency markets regardless of their background or technical knowledge about them.

To benefit from this platform, whether it is simply buying $FWT tokens on your phone, staking them into our master nodes, or trading other currencies through the exchange, you first need Bitcoin (BTC). You can get BTC by mining it yourself if you are good at crypto mining (and own powerful hardware) or buy via an online exchange like Coinbase or Kraken.

Once you have your BTC, the easiest way to get $FWT is by using the AuBit in-app wallet and exchanging it for FWT tokens! There are no complicated signup processes involved, so even if you’re not an experienced crypto user, joining AuBit should feel natural to you.

If you purchase $FWTs through the mobile app, you can stake them into a reward-generating master node or hold onto them. There’s a good chance that the token value will increase over time due to AuBit having its blockchain.

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