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What is AuBit Freeway, $FWT Token, and How Can I Stake USD for 43% APY?

AuBit is one of the fastest growing, fully regulated platform offering crypto and fiat deposit rewards that earn 8-12% on Crypto and 12-16% on Fiat.

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Perhaps you’re wondering how can you cash in, even if you’re not a Whale. First of all, if you’re friends rich and cash poor, once you’re enrolled you can join their Refer a Friend program where you’ll earn a bonus based on the Supercharger Staking Rewards.

This is because asset management has always been the purview of the rich due to the large amount of money it requires. However, AuBit seeks to level the playing field social finance by ensuring that anyone with even just $1 can make money from the network. How does AuBit do this? Read on to learn more.

What is AuBit?

AuBit is an asset management network that adopts blockchain technology to automate all transactions that occur on the network. AuBit was established on October 7, 2017, and has achieved many feats since its creation. AuBit introduces network effect to finance with astronomical returns but no additional risk. AuBit is built on two different philosophies:

  • Bridging the gap between the traditional and new finance
  • Making asset management affordable and accessible to all as they enjoy greater returns with no additional risks

On the first philosophy, AuBit does not only trade traditional financial products like stocks, bonds, USD, and GOLD but also digital investment assets- cryptocurrency. According to AuBit’s capital Market Advisor, Joachim Godet, “AuBit is unique due to its utilization of technology in the mutual”. Users on the platform can earn a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 43% APY on their investment. AuBit’s yield is not only for a few circles of investors with a lot of disposable funds alone but also everyone regardless of whether they are rich or well connected. Excluding the compounding fees that dissuade people from investing, AuBit helps everyone from across the world to grow their wealth. 80 percent of any fee deducted is given back to the users in the community. The distribution of 80% trading revenue to users of the product they hold is known as AuBitisation.

Currently, AuBit users only pay entry, exit, and conversion fees. There is no management fee. As a result, buying any AuBitised product like bonds, stock, gold, and even cryptocurrency attracts a one-off fee of 0.44% and a selling fee of 2.56%. When you buy a product with a different currency it attracts a 1% charge. For instance, buying GOLD with Bitcoin attracts a 1% conversion fee.

Activity Fee
Entry fee 0.44%
Exit fee 2.56%
Conversion fee 1%

The multitude of fees and deductions by funds management companies grows over time and removes any tangible gain from assets especially for private investors with low capital.

Therefore, by distributing 80% of the fee back to the holders of the same asset in the ecosystem through the Redistribution Rewards, AuBit is growing the assets to create a network effect. As you may well know, 70% of the value of most big tech unicorns is determined by network effects.

Thus, every time someone buys an asset that you own from the network, both you and the new user will enjoy the redistribution reward making your asset increase.

You are not constrained by where you live…

You have probably tried investing in a certain type of assets in your country before but you are faced with so many hurdles and difficulties that make it almost impossible. With a presence in over 180 countries, AuBit is removing the barriers of investment in fund management for low-capital investors.

What is more? You can have access to AuBit products as an early investor through AuBit Freeway Lite staking rewards.

To maximize the benefits of this project, you need AuBit Freeway Token ($FWT).

What is $FWT?

While you can earn rewards from merely buying AuBit products, having the Freeway Token is one way of maximizing rewards on the AuBit network. $FWT is the utility token of the AuBit Network and the Freeway Platform. FWT is a stake-able token, that is, it uses a proof-of-stake protocol designed to increase the derivable benefits of participants in the AuBit ecosystem.

According to CoinMarketCap Freeway Token has a maximum total supply of 10 Billion, a circulating supply of 4 Billion, and currently has a steadily growing market capitalization of USD60,580,404.

Total Supply Circulating Supply
10,000,000,000 4,014,130,000

Freeway Token is a valuable tool on the AuBit network because it is the major means of growing your asset in volume. There are many ways of putting your token to work which shall be discussed later.

Wait, is this legit? What is the real deal from Reddit on AuBit and FWT?

The huge APY attached to AuBit sounds unreal and even incredible but AuBit is the real deal. With over 40 team members who have diverse experiences and have worked with top financial and technology companies in the world, AuBit is bringing the benefit of social finance to retail investors.

Many Reddit users are onboard the AuBit train and they testified to the high performance of FWT and what they are gaining by being a part of the AuBit ecosystem. The comments from users center on the AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund and how it provides an opportunity for everyone to invest in financial products and its simulations which grow in volume and value.

AuBit is not a one-company Ponzi scheme or some cloak and dagger scam run by some individuals. It is a legitimate company with partnerships from reputable organizations in both the financial and the technological industries. AuBit partners with AuBit prime brokerage which is licensed in Greece and Germany and approved by the FCA to provide its services in the UK.

Through AuBit primes, Freeway users can hold traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and gold. In addition, AuBit also partners with a DeFi platform- Worldline, to give access to users to use Payment IQ, an automated payment management system. The network’s partnership with Steady State provides DeFi insurance to superchargers and AuBitised insurance pools to DeFi. Similarly, GreenBank, a Canadian merchant bank that currently holds 400,000,000 Freeway Token worth about US$3.2 million, provides banking services to AuBit so as to list AuBit’s products on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

How Big is the AuBit Community?

The AuBit Freeway community is growing with thousands of members globally. AuBit’s official community on Telegram has over 6000 members. You may also join more than 9000 followers of @aubitnetwork on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel to keep up to date with weekly news from co-CEO Sadie Hutton about the AuBit network.

Where Can I Learn About AuBit and $FWT?

AuBit.io is the Official AuBit Freeway network. Visit myfreewayworld.com to learn more about AuBit’s products and Freeway superchargers as well as the Freeway Lite rewards. Since AuBit Network has a very active social media presence, you can check out AuBit on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Youtube. Furthermore, there are several articles about the Freeway Token on Medium that you can explore to gain in-depth knowledge on the social finance platform and the derivable benefits applicable to its users.

How Much Money Can I Make From $FWT?

You can make money by staking AuBit Freeway Token on the Freeway platform. Staking implies locking up funds while it accumulates and grow and you earn APY.

In the crypto world, this is used by digital assets that utilize the proof-of-stake protocol to build new coins in the ecosystem and reward validators.

AuBit freeway token staking is similar to that of stakeable digital currency staking but there are also points of divergence. When you stake your AuBitised products like Ethereum in your Freeway account, it continues to grow in volume and value. While staking is not compulsory for users in the system, it is necessary for maximizing rewards. Through Freeway staking, you can earn a high yield with fixed APY.

How can I enjoy these rewards, you ask. As a utility token, you can only earn interest from FWT by using it on the platform. Consequently, there are many purposes of FWT in the AuBit Freeway Lite ecosystem.

Currently, you can enjoy the Freeway Lite staking rewards when you stake 25% worth of your total investment in Freeway token on the Freeway Lite platform since the full launch of the platform is yet to be completed. The products on the Freeway Lite platform are known as the AuBitised Superchargers Products.

For instance, if you invest $1000 in the AuBitised Ethereum Supercharger, you will have to stake $250 worth of Freeway Token to receive the Freeway Lite staking rewards available for Ethereum Supercharger. Apart from Ethereum Supercharger where investors can stake and earn 20% fixed APY, other Supercharger products and their fixed APY include;

AuBitised Supercharger products APY
AuBitised Bitcoin Supercharger 33 percent
AuBitised Ethereum Supercharger 20 percent
AuBitised Binance Coin Supercharger 20 percent
AuBitised USD Supercharger 43 percent
AuBitised Eurosmith Supercharger 43 percent
AuBitised ADA Supercharger 20 percent
AuBitised GOLD Supercharger 20 percent
AuBitised DOT Supercharger 20 percent

Staking less than 25% worth of your investment in FWT will give you a fixed APY equivalent to the amount of token you stake in the platform. Hence, you will enjoy the full reward of each Supercharger product if you stake at least 25% worth of your Freeway Token in the network.

Another way of putting your Freeway Token to work is by using it to buy assets and currencies on the AuBit network instead of your fiat currency. As said earlier, there is a 0.44% one-off fee for buying products for the first time on the platform. However, instead of using cryptocurrency or fiat currency to buy AuBitised products, you can purchase with Freeway Token at a discount.

You can also benefit from the FWT giveaway and redistribution reward. To enjoy the redistribution reward, ensure you buy many supercharger products, so whenever anyone purchases the same asset that you hold, you get a part of the 80% that shall be redistributed to users in the network.

Similarly, giveaway on the FWT platform is preferential and based on how much you are holding in your freeway account, the length of time you have been staking your FWT and the form of supercharger product you stake. Giveaway rewards are paid in cash, NFTs AuBitised superchargers, coupons, and vouchers. You are rewarded with a fixed $25 in the USD supercharger if you hold $50 worth of FWT in your Freeway Account. In addition, two winners of $1000 each and 8 winners of $250 each are chosen in the random giveaway program. To increase your chance of being selected for the random giveaway, you need to have AuBitised supercharger products and stake 25% of your investment in FWT.

Using your FWT to enhance your APY rather than just letting it sit in the network is known as Activated Freeway Token. Activated Token gives you 5 more chances of becoming a winner of giveaway prizes. In the same vein, depositing your token in the platform through the process called “native staking” is the only way you can enjoy the benefit of Freeway Token staking.

Although there are currently diverse ways of using the token to earn rewards, the network is working on creating other ways by which the utility token can bring more benefits to holders. Nevertheless, activating the Freeway Token has greater rewards but you can choose not to activate it.

What Are The Current APY Payouts of AuBit?

AuBit has the highest reward payout in the asset management industry. You can earn between 20% and 43% APY on AuBitised Supercharger products. To finance this APY and pay users in the ecosystem, AuBit utilizes various revenue streams from quant trading to transaction fees and other financial services. Furthermore, as part of its promise to give users greater rewards without additional risk, AuBit shall pay this APY for as long as possible and inform users when the rewards are feasible, so they can choose to wait or unstake.

How Can I Stake On The Freeway Platform?

Before you can stake Freeway Token on AuBit, you must first open an account and join the AuBit Freeway platform. When you sign up to the Freeway Lite platform through a referral link, you are rewarded $10 to buy your first AuBitised product. Follow the prompt and complete the form, then fill the basic KYC. You can now proceed to gaining access to your account and start benefitting from the rewards. You can then refer your loved ones to benefit from this incredibly high yield and earn $10 cash when they sign up. The more people you refer, the more your reward.

Next, you buy Freeway Token on either external exchange or within the AuBit network. You can buy FWT on both the Freeway platform and external exchanges. Purchasing the token on the Freeway platform is convenient but it also includes an additional 20% and upward more than of you buy from external exchanges. Although it is convenient to buy Freeway Token from the freeway platform directly, the price is 20% higher than buying from a third-party exchange market like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, or Bithumb Global. The 20% will also be redistributed to users in the platform and you will not need to transfer your Token from the exchange to the freeway platform.

Nonetheless, if you buy from a third-party exchange, whether it is built on the Ethereum Blockchain or it is a dApp built on Binance Smart Chain, you need to transfer the Token from the exchange to the Freeway platform before you can stake.

The Ethereum Address of Freeway Token:


The Binance Smart Chain Address is:


To send the token, follow these steps:

  • Click the deposit button on the staking section of the Freeway platform
  • Enter the amount of FWT you want to send to the platform
  • Send the token to the address given to you by AuBit
  • When complete, copy and paste either the name of the exchange you used or the transaction ID
  • Click on “stake now” and wait for purchase confirmation.

How Do I Protect Myself From Fraud And Scams?

With new projects comes the fear of losing money to pyramid schemes. It is logical to take precautions against Ponzi schemes that promise astronomical rewards without transparency or any particular means of investment. Such a project can be a one-man show where the portfolio manager will use the money collected from new users to pay old users or an elaborate scam. However, to protect yourself from frauds and scams, follow this guide:

  • Do your own research about the team involved in the project.
  • Ensure the investment is registered with a regulated institution like the SEC and if it is not, ask to know why.
  • Learn and understand the project thoroughly before you put your money.
  • Finally, do not be quick to jump into an investment. Always ask questions.

A Recap

  • AuBit is an asset management platform that makes it possible for everyone to earn the highest yields possible from both digital and traditional financial assets.
  • Currently, you can earn between 20% and 43% APY on AuBitised supercharger products such as Bitcoin, Gold, Ethereum, ADA, Eurosmith, Binance Coin among others.
  • AuBit Freeway Token is the utility token of the AuBit Freeway platform
  • You can make money from AuBit utility Freeway Token through;
    • Buying supercharger products
    • Activated Freeway Token
    • Staking on the freeway platform
    • Redistribution rewards
    • Giveaway
    • Forever referral rewards

If you want to join AuBit, and skip the waitlist, use our referral link.

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