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What Are The Interest Rates On Crypto.com? Are These The Best APYs?

There is no way you will talk about the best crypto savings accounts today without making a reference to crypto.com. The huge interest rate of the platform makes it attractive to both crypto enthusiasts and newbies who want to make their money work for them.

Interest rates in regular savings account in the US continue to decrease despite a boost in savings culture. Therefore, crypto savings account with their high yield and short-term returns have gained some footings among investors. Investors who want to maximize profits on their crypto savings account to deposit their digital assets, wait for returns, and purchase the native token of their desired exchange and stake.

Among other services, Crypto.com offers both cryptocurrency savings and stakings for users to accrue huge returns. Users can earn up to 14% APY on their investment depending on the type of asset, term of deposit, and the token amount.

Crypto.com had risen significantly since its formation in 2016 as Monaco Technologies before its rebranding as crypto.com in 2018. The platform lists over 40 cryptocurrencies and stable coins and has a broad customer base in more than 90 countries which sets it apart from the competition. Apart from the basic features of buying and selling a virtual asset, crypto.com also has its Visa card, which offers token swap, crypto lending, token staking, and lock-up. Users can stake crypto.com’s native tokens CRO and MCO and earn significant interest.

Most importantly, you can deposit funds in both fiat and digital currency through Crypto Earn. Crypto Earn is the savings account of crypto.com, where users can deposit their crypto assets and earn interest.

Does Crypto.com Pay Interest?

Yes. Crypto.com pays interest calculated per annum.

How Does Crypto.com Interest Payment Work?

Users who deposit their cryptocurrency through Crypto Earn are paid interest. Similarly, token staking also attracts yield payment. Crypto Earn is tied to Crypto Credit. The money deposited by users in Crypto Earn is given out as a loan in Crypto Credit. This ensures that the interests paid by borrowers are shared as returns to investors on Crypto Earn. Since the loan is overcollateralized the risk of lost funds is drastically reduced. In simple terms, funds deposited by Crypto Earn investors are lent out as loans with high interest rates and a 50% loan-to-value ratio to institutions and individuals on Crypto Credit. The interest is then distributed as Yields to Crypto Earn investors.

When you deposit such crypto assets as BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, BAT, and MKR you can earn up to 8% interest per annum on Crypto Earn. Staking stablecoins attracts 12% interest. You can stake USDT (not available in the US) USDC, DAI, and PAX. However, since staking crypto.com’s native token increases the Yield on deposit by 2%, it is better to stake either MCO or CRO along with other cryptocurrencies of choice.

  • Monaco (MCO)

This crypto.com token is a utility token used to earn rewards from staking, acquire tiered visa cards, and reduce interest payment on loans.

  • CRO

On the other hand, CRO is used as a transactional token for merchants to pay and accept crypto payments without having to worry about the high cost involved. CRO token can be used both online and offline on Crypto.com Chain.  More so, you can use CRO token to unlock DeFi features in the non-custodial wallet, earn up to 12% interest on staked CRO, and an additional 2% p.a. on fixed-term deposit if you stake 100,000 or more CRO for a minimum of 180 days. You can stake CRO on the crypto.com app or crypto.com exchange then you can apply for the crypto.com visa card.

You can stake up to $10,000 in different assets on the platform. For instance, you can divvy up your investments between BTC, CRO, and LTC. You can also save on Crypto.com Crypto Earn and simultaneously stake and lock up other assets as long as you do not exceed the $10,000 maximum limit. There is no minimum deposit requirement.


What Are The Interest Rates On Crypto.com And How Does Crypto.com Pay Their Interest?

Before you can be eligible for interest payment on Crypto.com after you have created an account, you need to deposit the cryptocurrency you want to save. You can earn up to a $25 referral bonus for creating an account and locking up CRO.

Crypto.com has 2 saving plans; the fixed term deposit of 1 month and 3 months as well as the flexible term deposit. Locking up $400 or less in the flexible plan will earn you 1.5% on BTC and 6% on stablecoins. The yield increases the longer you lock up and the more CRO staked. So, if you opt for a 1-month lock-up and stake $4000, you will earn 4.5% on BTC and 10% on stablecoins. Similarly, if you choose to lock up your crypto assets for 3 months and stake $40,000 or more worth of CRO tokens, your daily interest on BTC increases to 8.5% per annum and 14% on stablecoins.

Flexible savings 1-month 3-month
$400 or less BTC-1.5%


$400 or less BTC-3%


$400 or less BTC-4.5%


$4000 BTC-2%


$4000 BTC-4.5%


$4000 BTC-6.5%


$40,000 or more BTC-2%


$40,000 or more BTC-6.5


$40,000 or more BTC-8.5%



Although crypto.com’s interest is per annum, it is calculated in simple interest and not compounded. You can check your accumulated interest under “Total earning” on your crypto.com account. Furthermore, interests are paid in the same currency you deposited. So, if you deposited Ethereum, your returns are going to be in Ethereum.

Crypto.com multi-tiered visa cards reward holders with extensive benefits on savings. The cards are;

  • Obsidian Black
  • Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White
  • Royal Indigo and Jade Green
  • Ruby Steel
  • Midnight Blue

Holders of the Obsidian Black card enjoy the highest benefit for staking CRO. Benefits of holding crypto.com cards include staking rewards, 100% cashback on a monthly subscription to Spotify, Netflix, Expedia, and Airbnb, airport lounge access, and other bonus rewards. Holders also get one no-fee ATM card withdrawal per month.

Does Crypto.com Have Immediate Withdrawals?

If you do not want to tie your cryptocurrency down due to volatility, you can choose flexible crypto savings. There, you can withdraw your fund anytime you want. The only downside is the low-interest rate attached to flexible crypto saving.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Crypto.Com Interest Savings Accounts?

If you are willing to keep a lot of money for a long period, a crypto.com interest savings account is best for you. As long as you can stake more than $40,000 for six months or more, your interest will significantly increase. However, users with low capital who do not want to risk the cryptocurrency market turbulence may not benefit much from a crypto.com interest account. What are crypto.com savings account’s strengths and where does it fall short?


  • Institutional investors can benefit greatly from high-interest rates and other special perks attached to crypto.com highest tiers savings.
  • It has an on-ramp feature where you can deposit fiat currency and convert to cryptocurrency.
  • Interests accrued are paid weekly directly into the user’s account.
  • It has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are not available on other platforms.
  • Even though crypto.com has its visa cards, users can buy cryptocurrency with their credit or debit card.


  • com savings account is very confusing to navigate
  • The platform is not transparent about what users’ funds are used for.
  • To get the best out of your savings account you need large funds.
  • While locking up your asset may offer some perks, it is a way of tying down money. Staking CRO gives investors high-interest rates but the price of CRO has always been volatile.

What Are The Alternatives To Crypto.com Savings Account?

Many top shot crypto platforms offer similar services as crypto.com with their high-interest rates and other incentives that rival crypto.com.


You can save, borrow and exchange cryptocurrency on BlockFi platform. BlockFi offers users up to 9.5% interest rates on the BlockFi Savings Account (BIA). Just like crypto.com, BlockFi does not have a minimum deposit requirement but interests on savings are paid monthly. Also, the more Bitcoin and Ethereum deposited, the lower the returns on investment. BlockFi supports just ten cryptocurrencies including stablecoins.


Celsius is known for their high-interest rates especially for users who have Celsius token- CEL. You can earn a maximum of 17.78 APR but the annual interest rates change weekly. Users who choose to get their interest in CEL rather than the deposited coin will enjoy higher returns. Similar to crypto.com, users who hold the Celsius network cards earn a bonus on their savings.


NEXO is the best crypto savings account to earn daily interest. You can earn as high as 12% APY on cryptocurrency deposited on NEXO. Stablecoins offer higher returns than other crypto assets. NEXO offers tiered bonuses to users and holders of NEXO cards enjoy higher return same as on the crypto.com platform. Also, there are flexible and fixed term NEXO savings.

Are These The Best APYs?

Although crypto.com offers one of the best APYs in the market, it only benefits whales and institutional investors. Individuals who want to test the waters of crypto savings account might not enjoy substantial rewards. Although deposits in crypto.com are not FDIC insured, it has found a way to secure users’ fund through partnership with Ledger Nano. Most importantly, it provides a platform to make idle money work.

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