Crypto Joins The Slot Bandwagon

Crypto may have only hit the mainstream in 2016, but it already feels like it’s been around forever. Over the last few years, its popularity has snowballed, and now we’re seeing cryptos, blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs and more influence multiple areas. One industry that has always been ideal for crypto is the online casino sector, and now we’re seeing the working relationship become more robust.

Crypto casinos have been a thing for a while, but they did start out with incredibly basic content offerings, such as a handful of dice games. Of course, as more gamblers decided they wanted to use crypto for their gaming activities, the popularity of crypto casinos grew. This led to game developers standing up and paying attention to what was going on.

The staple offering at any traditional online casino is video slots. They make up the bulk of the content on offer, and most punters visit gaming platforms to play them. So, of course, it was always the aim, and inevitable, for crypto casinos and cryptocurrencies themselves to hop on the video slot bandwagon.

For a start, crypto and blockchain can offer slot games and their players something they have never seen before, and that’s probably fair content. There have long been concerns over how reputable slot results are. But, if a game is provably fair, you know the outcome is random, and there is total transparency throughout.

Popularity with slots at crypto casinos and provably fair versions has grown exponentially, and this has seen some of the industry’s more prominent and well-known developers take an interest. One of those studios is the respected Red Tiger development team, and they have had an ace up their sleeves in development for some time.

If you didn’t know, Megaways slots are all the rage. They’re very much the go-to for many punters because there are so many ways to win. If a game has thousands of paylines, it will automatically interest a broad audience. But what about if there was a crypto twist to proceedings? Step forward, NFT Megaways.

Again, you could say the decision to make the world’s first NFT-inspired video slot was inevitable, after Evolution Gaming, which own Red Tiger, made a quadruple purchase where NFTs are concerned. It got the ball rolling, with Red Tiger deciding to develop it alongside other popular slots known as Megaways.

Introducing this game to the mass market will open the door for more as the crypto charge across the casino landscape continues at pace. Because of how popular NFTs are right now, especially with influencers heavily involved, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see more NFT-inspired slots further down the line.

And, as things change quickly where cryptocurrencies are concerned, we could be talking about something entirely different and innovative in a short while. But one thing is for sure, crypto casinos and games are here to stay for the long term.

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Andrew Wise

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