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An Inside Look at Freeway’s 23-43% AR Superchargers (How I Get Free $FWT)

AuBit Freeway is one of the fastest-growing, fully regulated platforms offering ARs of 23-43% on crypto. They do this by cutting out all the costs from traditional “banks” and offering direct dividends to investors.

I’ve been a Member of Freeway going back to 2021, and I’m going to share with you how I’m staking my USD, BTC, and ETH and earning 23% AR. I don’t stake any EURO or GOLD, however, they have Annual Rewards up to 43%, if you’re game.

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What is the Aubit Freeway Token?

Aubit is a digital asset management platform that uses blockchain technology to do all sorts of transactions on the network. AuBit Freeway is a platform that provides services for prominent worldwide investment goods such as equities, gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

AuBit has a native Freeway Token (FWT), often known as FWT coin, is a utility token with many use cases within the AuBit Freeway platform. The Freeway Token (FWT) acts as a catalyst for raising incentives, attracting more users, and so increasing payouts even further. FWT currency holders benefit from five important utility functionalities.

If you want to know more about Freeway, click here.

AuBit Superchargers

The AuBit Freeway platform provides some of the most competitive annual percentage yield (APY) incentives for traditional and crypto-assets. We will go over how this is feasible in more detail later, but for now, we’ll show you the many goods available on the AuBit Freeway platform.

  • Bitcoin Supercharger 33% fixed APY
  • Ethereum Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • Binance Coin Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • AuBitised USD Supercharger 43% fixed APY

Under the hood of the protocol, AuBit features “little-known but highly-powerful income and cash-flow producing mechanisms.” The AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund “licenses cutting edge quant trading tools” in addition to collaborating with world-class trading firms. As a result, AuBit’s licensed techniques have a five-year track record of earning 40-50 percent yearly returns.

How does the USD/BTC/ETH Supercharger work?

Freeway Supercharger is the product that offers extraordinarily high APYs, starting at 23% APY and increasing up to 43% APY.

According to AuBit’s social finance objective, the bulk of earnings is returned to platform members. This is made feasible via a blockchain automation mechanism for dispersing revenues, dubbed ‘AuBitisation’ by the platform. Furthermore, platform users can Supercharge profits by delivering larger rewards using the Freeway Token (FWT).

There are other ways to grow from the basic rate of 23% to 43%, including locking up your deposits for a set period of time, staking 5% of your holdings in $FWT tokens (on which you will also get a % yearly dividend!!! ), and being active, which is yet to be specified.

What rates can we expect to see when Supercharging?

If you are supercharging, the following are rates that you can expect:

  • Bitcoin Supercharger 33% fixed APY
  • Ethereum Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • Binance Coin Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • AuBitised USD Supercharger 43% fixed APY
  • AuBitised Eurosmith Supercharger 43% fixed APY
  • Gold Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • ADA Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • DOT Supercharger 20% fixed APY


What is Freeway staking?

Staking is when you keep your tokens in a secure wallet and lock them there to maintain the security and operations of a project’s blockchain network in most crypto projects. You earn a high-yield return on your tokens in exchange.

AuBit, for example, employs AuBit Chain, our very own blockchain network, to handle transactions and automatically redistribute earnings, which is critical to establishing our network effects for underlying asset growth.

When you stake FWT, your tokens may be up to tasks to help run the consensus system that verifies transactions in future iterations of the Freeway Platform and various other preferred benefits. It may appear difficult, but it’s a tried-and-true method of ensuring network integrity in blockchain projects.

All you need to do is to keep your money in a safe wallet for a set time and reap the benefits. It’s completely risk-free, and the returns are often significantly higher than any other type of investment, which is why staking is so popular.

We’ve added pre-staking to gain early incentives, improving FWT utility on an instant basis because the Freeway Platform and app aren’t yet publicly available. We have moved it up a few months on the runway for our community.

What are the rewards, then?

The brand-new Freeway Pre-staking Rewards Token (FPR) is awarded to FWT pre-stakers, with 1 FPR awarded every 5000 FWT staked.

Traditional financial markets are brimming with spectacular high-yield products that make clients extremely wealthy. The trouble is that they’re usually extremely exclusive, reserved only for people with millions in the bank.

You should already be aware that AuBit operates in a unique manner. We try to find ways to make possibilities available to everyone — or as many individuals as is realistically practicable.

With the introduction of the Freeway Pre-staking Rewards Token, this is exactly what is being done (FPR). For every 5 000 FWT staked, FWT pre-stakers will receive 1 FPR token per month.

What rates can we see when staking the $FWT Token?

Here is the summarized form for rates of Staking:

  • You get FPR as a reward when you pre-stake FWT, which works out to around 79.6% APY with FWT at $0.004.
  • That’s a monthly compounding rate of 5%, paid to you in the corresponding dollar value of FPR.
  • FPR tokens enable access to virtually replicated, network-enhanced Supercharger products at launch, further compounding your pre-staking returns by a 20-43 percent annual percentage yield (APY).
  • The larger your potential for network-enhanced earnings from the transfer of related fees each time another holder buys in or cashes out of FPR, the longer you stay in Supercharger products by holding FPR.

How can I earn free $FWT by referring friends?

There are certain rules you can follow to earn $FWT by referring friends:

Rules for Referrals:

Step 1:

Get your referral link by going to https://lifetailored.com/crypto/what-is-aubit-freeway-fwt-token-and-how-can-i-stake-usd-for-43-apy/

Please pass on your referral link to your friends.

Step 2:

Make money with $FWT. When your friends start opening chests, you’ll get your referral bonus. So shar e it with your friends.

Step 3:

Withdraw your money. Every time, withdraw a minimum of $20 $FWT. Every week, referral bonuses will be distributed. Your referral bonus is a minimum of $20 $FWT, which will be deducted from your account.


By reinvesting the bulk of revenue streams back into the consumers, AuBit maintains a continual growth loop. This means that the more people who use the site, the more benefits they get, which attracts more people, and so on. Through the rewarding system, AuBit has gained a huge audience. The winners of the AuBit Giveaway are chosen at random. As a result, the greater one’s AuBitised Supercharger holdings and the number of Freeway Tokens in one’s Freeway account, the greater one’s chances of winning.

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