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YLiving History

YLiving was launched in 2009 by YDesign Group, an online retailer that offers a exclusive items in modern and contemporary lighting, furnishings, and decorative plumbing to design driven customers and professionals in corresponding industries. YLiving, was specifically started to provide customers with modern furniture and accessories. Aside from YLiving, YDesign Group also started two other sub companies. They are, YBath and YLighting. YBath was started in 2014 to meet people's demands for decorative modern plumbing. YLighting really started it all for YDesign. YLighting was launched in 2001 as their flagship brand.It is the leading modern lighting retailer in the United States. They offer more than 10,000 international brands to choose from.

YLiving stands behind the principle that they are the "go to" place for all things, modern interiors. Not only do they promise to carry the biggest selection of inventory, but they also aim to inspire your vision. They offer the full package and then some, which makes them stand apart from all their competitors. They also pride themselves on exclusivity. So, if you're looking to make your bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc. into the most unique spaces, YLiving is where you shop.

YLiving Review

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YLiving is "the spot" to shop online for modern and contemporary lighting, decorative plumbing, furniture, storage, home accessories, etc. Not only do they provide its customers with the largest inventory in the country for modern home furnishings, but they also carry over 10,000 international brands. So, no longer do people have to travel around the world, and pay expensive shipping fees to get their furnishings to their home. All the top international brands are housed under one roof, just for you.

YLiving is part of the YDesign Retail Group. Aside from YLiving, there is also YLighting, and YBath. YBath focuses on decorative modern plumbing accessories. And, YLighting focuses on modern lighting. YLighting is actually the leading retailer in the United States for modern/contemporary lighting. People who shop YLiving, are ones that prefer clean and sleek design, over traditional or classic styles. But, they're also people who want to make a statement with their decor, and make it the signature of where they reside. The products you will find here are truly like none other. And, if you do find them elsewhere, you will be paying more. Being that YLiving is a leader in its industry, it allows them to sell you quality at competitive pricing.

Store Rating: 4.5

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