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Swims History

The CEO of Penfiled, Johan R., grew up in Norway. He had seasons, but Winter was the one season that just seemed to not go away soon enough. Needless to say, living in black rubber galoshes was something he knew far too well. The galoshes he wore, were passed down from his grandfather. He then went to attend art school in Paris, and his galoshes of course, went with them. He wore them over his Converse Chuck Taylors, and many people at his school teased him about his shoe picks. He then moved to New York, and the winters, and rainy fall seasons seemed worse then any other. He lost many shoes at that point, because the weather was simply unforgiving. Johan understood that in New York City, you had to be prepared for every kind of weather situation, but still look good. He joined these two thoughts and created SWIMS. He created a modern galosh. The slip on galosh. No bulkiness. No extra weight to carry around during your commute. Just some easy, simple, practical, water proof slip ons for your shoes. His intention with his product line, is to provide customers with a functional design. Be protected from harsh weather conditions, but look good doing it!

Swims Review

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If you live in a big city, you know the wear and tear walking around the city can do to your shoes. Add in the heavy rains you get in big cities during Fall, and then add in the snow, ice, and freezing rain during winter. All that eats your shoes away slowly but surely. Swims has created a simple, easy, and sleek looking solution to this problem. One of their most popular shoe styles, are their galoshes. They are clean cut, no bulkiness at all, and slip right on/over your shoes. Wearing those brand new Armani Moccasins to work on a cold and rainy day? No problem, just slip the Swims galoshes right over them, and keep your Armani shoes clean and shiny. Fantastic concept to say the least. Aside from their galoshes, Swims offers various other styles of shoes for both men and women. They also sell accessories and handbags. Their items are water proof, and some of their shoes are so practical, that you can throw them in your clothes washer! Needless to say, Swims is a company that centers their product line around practicality. They strive to make quality products so that your belongings don't become victims of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Swims focuses its designs on function. Thus, their purpose is to facilitate our fashion dilemmas, without deducting from our fashionable appearance. Their concepts have been applauded by the fashion community many times. So much so, that Armani and John Lobb have already collaborated with Swims on new product lines. Great, quality, concept, function, and practicality.

Store Rating: 5

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