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Stantt History

This Kickstarter funded shirting company well exceed their $15,000 goal back in November of 2013-- actually, they ended up raising just over $120,000 to get their amazing fit off the ground. The shirts are soft, the fit is ideal, and they are clearly a crowdpleaser.

The founders behind Stantt were tired of having such limited options. You either hope and pray you fit perfectly into one of the off the rack sizes (which let's be real, never happens) or you spend half your rent on some custom button-ups. This didn't sit well with them. In a world where we can order a car with the tap of a finger, carry mini computers in our pockets, and make carbonated soda in our own homes, how is it that there wasn't a company that could easily and quickly improve the way our shirts fit, without a hefty price tag and a long wait? So Stantt got to work, and now with only 3 quick measurements Stantt's fancy algorithms will have in you the perfect fitting shirt (one of their 75 sizes) as fast as you can order them.

We try a lot of shirts. These have our full support. Plus, if you use promo code 'LIFETAILORED' you get $10 off all orders, and that's always a good time.

Stantt Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

There are custom shirts, which can take up to several months to arrive at your door, and cost you a small fortune, and then there's Stantt. Stantt doesn't make custom shirts, but you'd never know the difference. With 75 different sizes-- no more small, medium, or large, Stantt makes shirts to fit all shapes and body types. And we love it.

We recently tried out our first Stantt shirts, and being that we review a lot of shirts, the majority of which are custom build for us, we were pleasantly surprised. To be completely honest, with the three measurements provided the Stantt shirts fit better than a lot of custom made pieces in our closets, and the price tag was under $100. Also, these are hands down some of the softest shirts we have ever reviewed. Shirts this nice will make you want to dress to impress every single day, and that's what we're looking for in a shirt.

Store Rating: 4.5

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