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ShirtCycle History

Founder Gage Mersereau started his career in the fast moving world of finance, an area the expects you to look put together without having the time to focus on it. Coming from the Midwest, fashion wasn't initially one of Gage's areas of expertise. Luckily, he met Matt, who became his personal stylist and tailor. Matt allowed Gage to focus on the task at hand and not spend the extra time worrying if his shirts went together or if they fit correctly, and best of all, helped him take less time walking through stores and shopping on the weekends when we'd all rather be elsewhere. This lifted burden put an idea in motion and ShirtCycle was born. Men want to look good, need to look good, however, not all men know how to make this happen, or have the time to learn. ShirtCycle takes care of all the hassle for you, and allows you to simply put on the shirt, and look dapper as can be.

ShirtCycle Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

If you've found yourself on Life, Tailored, odds are you're a man who cares what he looks like. You also probably prefer using the computer to do your shopping rather than waiting inline at various department stores hoping you find something that fits perfectly. Well, ShirtCycle is made for that man. The man who wants to look damn good, with a shirt that fits like a glove, but doesn't want to waste his precious time looking through shirt after shirt off the rack.
ShirtCycle not only gives you the perfect fit, but also curates monthly styles for you to make the shopping aspect that much easier. You first sign up using your off the rack sizes, along with a photo of yourself, and ShirtCycle's master tailors are able to alter your off the rack size to fit you perfectly. And on the off chance your first shirt is a little too loose here, or a little too snug there, ShirtCycle offers free returns and alterations, along with sending you a measuring card and tape so they can perfect each and every detail. Meaning the next shirt you get will be even that much better.
Sound too good to be true? It isn't. The numbers speak for themselves. ShirtCycle has yet to disappoint a customer, because they are just that good. Every shirt to date that has left the facility has found itself a happy home, some of which are with our editors.

Store Rating: 5

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