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Scoop NYC History

Scoop NYC first opened in SOHO, New York City in 1996. It has since spread out to 17 boutiques. Scoop stores are unique as they are designed like a dream closet space. Another thing that distinguishes Scoop from the rest is that their employees are trained to be also serve as wardrobe consultants....it's a two-in-one deal when you shop there. So, the entire shopping experience is basically being inside an enormous closet with your very own stylist. The organization of the store is done so in a curating manner. The merchandise is broken up into several categories in the stores: luxury, designer, contemporary, and ready-to-wear. In another section are shoes and accessories. So, they make it extremely easy for you to find pieces that you will truly like and enjoy. Their boutique's have been nicknamed, "the ultimate closet".

Scoop NYC Review

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The entire concept of this store does two great things for it. It helps customers have a sense of comfort while shopping, and also markets for them at the same time. Their stores are all designed to resemble a dream closet. Which is why their stores' nickname is the "ultimate closet". Their merchandise is organized in a curated manner, being broken into several different categories throughout the store. And, their employees have also been trained to be wardrobe consultants. It's a fantastic shopping experience to say the least. They sell brands that are known for quality, with both classic and modern designs. They sell clothing, accessories, and shoes for both men and women. The company started in 1996, and so far, has 17 stores. With the concept behind this store, it's basically guaranteed that its growth will continue for years to come.

Store Rating: 4.5

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