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Rag & Bone History

Rag and Bone was started in 2002 by Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright. In 2004 Rag and Bone officially launched. At first, it started with a men's line and in 2005 a women's line was launched.

In 2011, the company launched the "DIY Project". This allows any supermodel to take pictures of themselves wearing Rag and Bone, and indirectly advertise for the company.

Prior to Rag and Bone, Wainwright had no fashion or design experience. His first design project was a pair of jeans in 2001. He then worked with a factory in Kentucky to perfect the product. That started the signature product of what would later be Rag and Bone.

Rag and Bone is known for it's smooth, cool, downtown NYC aesthetic. The brand is also known for being innovative, and thinking outside the box in every aspect. For example, instead of having a typical runway show to showcase their new SS15 menswear collection, they hired the brand's closest celebrity friends, they came dressed in items from the new line, and a photo series was created by photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath. These types of innovative marketing and branding strategies are the reason Rag and Bone has become so popular, so quick. And, as a result has a large A-lister following....which has also great empowered the brand's reputation.

Rag & Bone Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Rag and Bone is a simple, sleek, but edgy clothing line. Colors are also kept minimalistic with this brand. This brand was started in New York City. Fittingly so, all the clothing has a New York, suave but edgy aesthetic. One of their signature items are their jeans. Many of their jeans have a more fitted look to them. The type of "fitted" you'd see in 90s jeans. Some would even call their particular denim style to be "retro".

Someone who would wear this brand would be, someone who is not a fan of colors, is practical when it comes to clothing choices, believes less is more, likes to be edgy, and if you're a woman, is a fan of menswear. Reason being that the women's line has a menswear flare to it. It's one Rag and Bone's main signatures.

Rag and Bone has a large A-lister following, which great has assisted in the marketing and branding of company. In fact, the company recently launched a campaign, titled "DIY Project". This project is for supermodels to basically take selfies while wearing rag and bone. It's indirect and very clever way to market. Something that this brand has always been known for....always thinking outside the box.

Store Rating: 4.5

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