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Minibar History

Minibar is an app that let's people order a variety of alcoholic beverages, and have them delivered right to their door. The company was launched in 2013 by Lara Crystal and Lindsey Andrews. Their business model is one that is becoming more popular each day. It routes all sales through existing brick-and-mortar shops. What this means is that Minibar itself, does not sell the alcohol. It is a portal through which users may purchase alcohol from a traditional liquor store, which then delivers the purchased alcohol. This allows for actual liquor stores to bring in more money. At the same time, Minibar is bringing in money too. The way they make their profit is by, charging their retail partners a fee for each purchase made through their app. Minibar has an order minimum of $25. They deliver to 13 big cities inside the United States. Recently, they have launched an event planning service. What this entails is, planning advice to further simplify a host’s duties. Aside from the 13 cities Minibar currently targets, it is looking to expand it's geographical selections. They are specifically looking with areas with a large amount of 21-45 year olds living in it. That is the most popular age group which has truly flocked to this kind of service.

Minibar Review

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If you love hosting, entertaining, or simply like having a good ole time, the Minibar app is one app you're going to want to download. They are an app which allows you to order a variety of different liquors and alcoholic beverages, and then have it delivered right to your door. The items you purchase from them, are not actually from Minibar. Minibar acts as a portal for actual liquor stores. When orders are placed through Minibar, the items are actually coming from a nearby liquor store. The delivery is also done by someone who works for the particular liquor store, not Minibar. All in all, it's still an app that will be guaranteed to save you time, and convenience to your life.

Aside from their delivery service, they also offer an event planning service. This allows someone who is planning an event to receive a consultation by a Minibar expert, and they will set you up with the perfect assortment and menu for your event's drinks.

There is a $25 minimum for every order placed. But, you won't have a problem ever filling in that requirement. People always order two or more items during a purchase. Besides, it's a small price to pay when you have the convenience this app offers. Right now, this app allows delivery in 13 major cities in the United States. In big cities, you usually have very busy people living there. If they were to have a dinner party after work, or need a last minute gift for someone, this app will also come in very handy. Currently, Minibar is looking to expand its delivery territories. Because of the ultimate convenience of this app, actual brick and mortar liquor stores will eventually be more so distribution centers for portals like Minibar. All around, Minibar is re-shaping the liquor store industry....and only for the better.

Store Rating: 4.9

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