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La Matera History

Brothers Alex and Brook Stroud were on a fishing trip when they first stumbled upon what later would become their livelihood, woven belts. The colors, the culture, the textures of the fabrics; they had wandered into the perfect style the US was missing. Alex later decided to spend an entire summer working on a cattle ranch in Argentina, had an epiphany one day, and realized not only was the US missing this style, but he could be the one to bring it to us. He reached out to his brother, Brook, and together they launched La Matera in October of 2012.

The brothers still run La Matera together and have expanded the line to everything you see now.

Details are often the most important piece of any outfit, and these are the details you want to be showing off.

La Matera Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Any true sartorially savvy gentleman knows there are two things that truly matter when putting together an outfit: the fit, and the accessories. La Matera is here to help you kill it in the latter.

With great options for woven belts, watches, wallets, hats, and more La Matera is one of our favorite accessories brands to date. Not only do they help you add some texture and color to an otherwise lifeless outfit, but they bring some added culture to the mix. These Argentinian inspired pieces will truly breathe life into your wardrobe, and give you a great excuse to finally throw away that brown belt you've been rocking since you were 20.

Our favorite thing about La Matera? They work well to add a punch to any outfit. Which means you can wear them with jeans and t-shirt, or you can add some flair to a summer suit. Either way you're going to be getting compliments, trust us.

Store Rating: 4.5

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