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The Kooples History

The Kooples is a fairly new brand/company. It got started in 2008 by three French brothers. The brand started in Paris, and then proceeded to grow in London. There is a special and unique concept behind all the designs for Kooples. The women's and men's lines are made to compliment one another, and even shared between man and woman. Better said, this brand was made in celebration of couples. They say that after some time of being together, couples start to look alike...talk alike...have the same interests...have the same mannerisms, etc. So, the Elicha brothers created a line that would be both clever and beneficial for couples everywhere....clothing that compliments the opposite sex, is unisex, and can be worn by either man or woman. Needless to say, this is a barrier-free clothing company. The three brothers all contribute different things to bring these designs to life. Alexandre, 37, designs the men’s wear, while Lauren, 36, creates the women’s. Raphael, 26, handles branding and imagery. The company has recently reached the United States, and growing in New York City.

The Kooples Review

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Many of the Kooples' designs are retro. Or, at least they seem retro. Really, what they are is androgynous. And, with good reason. Their clothing for both men and women, are intentionally designed to compliment the opposite sex's outfit. The Kooples is a clothing line for couples. But, here's the genius part...they are also made so that the opposite sex can wear them too. Essentially, allowing man and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc to share their wardrobe with one another. It's a very clever concept, that has attracted many customers around the world, and also serves as a very smart marketing tool.

Overall, the style of this company is modern with an edge. You can even call their styles as hipster wear. Everything is made with top quality, as the clothing is carefully designed by brothers that come from generations of clothing designers.

Store Rating: 4.5

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