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Kit & Ace History

Shannon is married to JJ’s father, Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon. Lululemon is specializes in yoga clothing and running gear for intense workouts. They did a lot of traveling, even lived abroad, and with all different shopping experiences they had worldwide, something was missing to them. They realized that something very important was missing from the luxury clothing industry. Being that they had a very close relation to lululemon, Shannon and JJ were always wearing stretchy performance wear. They wanted to find a mesh between the two. Clothing that was distinguished for its functionality, but sophisticated in appearance, and style. But, their search was unsuccessful so they decided to create it.

Shannon integrated her knowledge in business with JJ's knowledge in fashion design, and Kit and Ace was born. Their purpose behind the brand is to produce innovative products that are comfortable and easy to use, while still offering the style and quality of the luxury brands they love.

Kit and Ace also want to create the future of clothing. This is why they currently work with the most high-tech fabrics and materials. And, they are always on the hunt for bigger and better in regards to high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. As for the company's future, Shannon and JJ intend to re-invent the clothing and retail industry with their efficiency, techniques, and strategy.

Kit & Ace Review

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Kit and Ace is a clothing line that is characterized for its functionality, hence providing a new level of comfort and efficiency for its wearers. One of the materials they are best known for is nicknamed, "Technical Cashmere". It is cashmere that you can actually put in the washing machine, and it won't get ruined. Regular cashmere's texture becomes damaged if put in a washing machine. Because, Kit and Ace created this fabric, they have patented it as "Technical Luxury". With all the innovations and technological advancements Kit and Ace are coming up with for clothing, they are re-inventing the definition of perfect and what it stands for in this industry.

Someone who would wear Kit and Ace, is a person that is very busy. They are consumed by whatever passion they have. They certainly don't have the time to sort through their clothing, and decide how to wash each piece. They just want to grab the clothing they wore during the week, wash it all together, dry it all together, and nothing is damaged, everything looks new after each wash. There is no such thing as wear and tear. This clothing is timeless not only in its build, but also in aesthetic. Essentially, this is clothing that will always exceed in comfort and maintenance. With little care needed, it will always look sophisticated and luxurious.

Store Rating: 4.5

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