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John Byron History

John Byron is a custom shirting company that gives you absolute perfection for the best absolute price. Started by John Frazier, John Byron has quickly made its way into a well respected, highly exceptional custom shirting company that has been recognized time and time again for their superiority, cut, and amazingly affordable prices.

Using the same manufacturer that houses some of the biggest and best brands in the world, John has been able to get his hands on the highest quality fabrics to make each and every shirt a true thing of beauty. All orders are custom made, so the fit on each shirt is tailored strictly to your liking, and if something is off John Byron works to perfect it until you're happy.

These shirts are handmade in America, come with free shipping, a money back guarantee and 10% of the profits go to Teach for America. You couldn't find a better custom shirt if you tried.

John Byron Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Here at Life, Tailored we like all things tailored to us. This means custom made pieces are at the top of our list. John Byron has done an amazing job at getting it right. Each piece of the shirt is measured with precision to make sure it is the exact fit you're looking for.

We have tried plenty of custom shirts, and this measures up with the best of them. Do yourself a favor and pick up a couple custom shirts from John Byron, your old suits will feel new again, your step will have a little more pep in it, and you'll love the way you look in the mirror.

Use Promo Code "lifetailored" for 20% off your John Byron purchase!

Store Rating: 4.5

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