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Jack Erwin

Jack Erwin History

When two friends have a problem, like not being able to buy quality shoes for a reasonable price, and those friends happen to be style-savvy guys who know how to get things done, you get an amazing brand like Jack Erwin.

Jack Erwin was created on the basis that men should be able to buy high quality product without being price-gauged by the middleman. The idea was loved, rounds of funding were conducted, and a short time later we have some of the best shoes in menswear for prices that keep them flying off the shelf. If you're a man, you need these. If you're a woman, your man needs these.

Jack Erwin Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

High quality kicks without overcharging, who couldn't love these guys? Jack Erwin shoes are constructed with the same quality as top designers without the top designer price tags. By doing a direct to consumer model and cutting out the middleman, Jack Erwin saves you hundreds of dollars per shoe without sacrificing quality. Most styles come in at just under $200, with a few select boots being just over $200, but no matter how you look at it, the prices are far better than the $600 pair on another site that are essentially the same thing. We love Jack Erwin and own several pairs, we also think you'd be crazy not to buy some.

Store Rating: 5

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