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Helmut Lang History

Helmut Lang was started by a man named Helmut Lang. In 1977 he opened a made-to-measure fashion studio in Vienna, Austria. Two years later, he opened a boutique in Vienna. His clothes became popular in Austria, and then later on in, Paris. His clothing became known in Paris, because Lang submitted it to an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. The exhibition was titled "l'Apocalypse Joyeuse". By 1986, Lang's clothing line branched out to Paris, and Helmut Lang (the brand), was born. His clothing became known for minimalistic characteristics. But, even though they were simple, they stood out for their very sharp lines and careful cuts. Lang's true intention with his designs was to, create basic but very elegant silhouettes in high quality and often high-tech fabrics. Some of the specific items that won Helmut Lang its popularity were slim suits in black or white, its denim collection, and the use of high-tech fabrics. Helmut Lang was sold in high-end department stores, and Helmut Lang's own shops.

In 1999, Helmut Lang formed a partnership with Prada. Prada later acquired Helmut Lang in 2004. Mr. Helmut Lang departed from the company in 2005. Prada later sold Helmut to a Japanese company called Link Theory, in 2006. In 2007, Link Theory re-launched the Helmut Lang label. Since then, Helmut Lang again has been distributed to upscale department stores worldwide. It also continues to sell at Helmut Lang stores.

Helmut Lang Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Helmut Lang is a very minimalistic clothing line. And, it's not colorful either. You will see blacks, white, and grays. Although, it's a simple clothing brand, its cuts and silhouettes are beyond perfection. Another special characteristic of this brand, are its high-tech fabrics they use. This allows for superb fitting of all their clothing. The clothing has somewhat of an Avant-Garde look to it. Some, may even say the clothes looks futuristic. The assortment in their inventory is always kept at a small amount, and every season's line is made so all the clothing items compliment one another. So, a sense of "uniformity" is also a unique characteristic Helmut Lang stands for.

Someone who would wear this line is, someone who is not crazy about colors or patterns. Someone who strongly believes that "less is always more". And, someone who truly acknowledges and appreciates the details in top-notch craftsmanship, when it comes to clothing and accessories. Helmut Lang celebrates sharpness, and intricacy in every item they produce.

Store Rating: 5

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