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Handy, formerly Handybook.com is an on-demand service for cleaning, home repair, and home improvement. They operate similar to Uber in that you book providers through the app or online in an on-demand fashion.

Handy Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Handy allows you to book one of four services on demand: cleaner, handyman, electrician, plumbing and now laundry & dry cleaning (laundry is currently in Beta). I've used Handy for both cleaning and handyman and love it. When we first moved into our apartment we had a ton of stuff to get situated: pictures hanged, 100lb mirrors mounted to the wall, tvs to mount, and Handy's handyman was great. The price as about 50% cheaper than booking an individual person to come do the TV, and all the other tasks. The best part was I could do it all from the app. Didn't have to pickup the phone to talk to anyone, which I love. For cleaning, I do a regular cleaning of our house every week, at a cost of $75 per 3 hour visit. At my old apartment, I had a cleaner come every 2 weeks for 2 hours and paid $150 so Handy is a drastic improvement in the price department, and the extra hour of cleaning is basically free.

Store Rating: 5

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