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Greats History

In 2007, Ryan and Jon (the founders of Greats), discussed a concept for what would later on become Greats. In 2012, they reconvened and took the initial concept for Greats and explored it to higher lengths. They asked themselves, what if they were to build a vertical men's footwear brand that made high quality products and sold it directly to the consumer at a value price. So, basically they would make a line of good quality sneakers, and instead of selling mass amounts at wholesale pricing to retailers, they would skip that part and sell it directly to its customers at lower pricing. And with the idea of building a better sneaker for less, GREATS was launched in August 2013 and quickly became an instant "Classic" selling out of most styles within 90 days. Some have even said that Greats, started a new strategy that would only reinforce the sneaker industry.

Greats was born in Brooklyn, New York. It's actually the first sneaker company to be born in Brooklyn. Greats stands behind its principal that they create a quality sneaker, at the best price for its consumers. They feel that brings a better and larger amount of business to their company.

Greats Review

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Greats is an independent sneaker company, launched in 2012. It was born in Brooklyn, New York. Its creators, Ryan and Jon based Greats, on creating quality sneakers at lower pricing for customers. Interestingly enough, they forfeited manufacturing their shoes and then selling it at wholesale pricing to retailers. They decided to just work for their customers, and provide them with quality shoes for less.

They don't have a plethora of styles, but the styles they do have come in many different colors, fabrics, materials, textures, etc. The shoes look to be sneakers built to last. They are sought by many celebrities and athletes. And, as young as their company is, it has received a lot of positive coverage from top media sources. They have even stated that Greats has given birth to a new and efficient concept, that will re-shape the sneaker industry.

Store Rating: 4.5

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