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Ernest Alexander History

Started by Ernest Alexander himself, he created a clothing line that exuberates what the American dream is all about. He comes from generations of fashion design. Starting with his grandmother and great grandmother, coming from Europe in the 1950's, and bringing their seamstress talents to the USA. It was in his blood, and he continued on with his passion. Ernest Alexander strives to make men's accessories with old and traditional methods, using the finest skill and craftsmanship.

His label was started 5 years ago, and was launched with the intention of creating and selling the perfect men's messenger bag. Before starting his own company he searched endlessly for the perfect messenger bag. The search became pointless. He had no luck finding one. So, off he went to create it himself. His vision was a bag that was refined enough for work, but rugged enough to stand the test of time. They are all handmade with superb lines and edges. The materials used are all traditional. But, crafted to have a modern flare. The heart of his concept though, was durability. The "Hudson Messenger Bag" was the first style made. It took almost a year to develop, which portrays how exquisite these bags are. Since then they have slowly expanded their label to include a wide range of bags, travel pieces, accessories and clothing.

Ernest Alexander Review

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Ernest Alexander is proof that the spirt of the All American Dream, still exists. Ernest himself comes from past generations of European seamstresses, who continued with their talents when they came to the U.S. Not only did he create a brand/design that celebrates traditional craftsmanship, but also traditional ways of manufacturing his products.

The messenger bags are what made this brand to begin with. Alexander knew that high quality messenger were essential for every man not only in New York City, but with a busy lifestyle overall. He also knew the wear and tear a busy life can also have on a messenger bag. So he went to create the cadillac of all messenger bags. With only the finest materials, and perfect seams, folds, and cuts...the Ernest Alexander was born. The bags are very appealing to the eye, and are made with materials that are very versatile when it comes to matching with your wardrobe.

The company has now grown, and so has its inventory. Now Ernest Alexander also designs and sells other men's accessories besides the messenger bags, clothing, neckties, and pocket squares. The style for the rest of his products is classic, timeless, yet elegantly casual. Someone who would wear Ernest Alexander products would be a man who truly appreciates quality, and products where the passion of the designers and artisans, shows. This brand is entirely made with a huge amount of pride, and it's also made for the man that can wear it with pride.

Store Rating: 4.5

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