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Cleanly History

Tom Harari is the CEO for Cleanly. He created the app and company with one thing in mind....the biggest problem with laundry and dry cleaning services is timing. You usually need certain items to be ready by a certain date, and sometimes it's short notice, and you can't have your item ready for the desired time. Cleanly came in to give customers a very easy way to request their service, and with no fuss, their clothing is dry cleaned or washed by the following day. No waiting around was Harari's intention. He compares it with the Uber of the laundry and dry cleaning industry.

Cleanly Review

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The one chore at home that consumes our very existence, is laundry. It seems that right after you finish putting a clean load away into your closet and drawers, it's immediately dirty again. It's a vicious cycle. A never ending cycle.

Cleanly is a company that puts an end to that cycle, and gives you the liberation to do other things that matter more. Cleanly is a laundry service company. They have a clean, sleek, and organized app for your smartphone. Download it, put in your address, time you want them to pick up your dirty laundry, they pick up, and the following day it is delivered clean as can be. Their app is very simple and easy to understand, which makes their service request very quick and easy. No drama at all. This company is quick and to the point, and their sole purpose is to help you do your laundry. Plus take that overall annoying burden away.

Store Rating: 5

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