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Casper History

Casper was launched in order to reinvent what a mattress should be. With high tech materials, and unconventional manufacturing methods, they created what many are calling "the cloud mattress". Casper is also known for the easiest mattress to buy. Not only do you make your order quick and easy online, but you also get it delivered in a compact box. How is that possible? Because the high-tech materials used to make these mattresses, allow for perfect folding. Casper prides itself on top-notch innovation.

The creators of Casper took the memory foam mattress concept and, and enhanced its comfort and effects on the body. For example, waking up hot or sticky....that's a thing of the past with Casper.

Casper mattresses are also made in America. They are hand sewn in South Carolina and Illinois. The Dunlop latex foam used to make the mattresses, is manufactured in Pennsylvania. Finally, the memory and base foam pouring, assembly, and final packaging is done at Casper's eco-friendly plant near Atlanta, Georgia. Its founders, Neil Parikh, Jeff Chapin, and Gen Suzuki created a quality mattress, born in the USA.

Casper Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep on a cloud? Well, no need to wonder anymore. Casper is not only an all-American mattress, but it's also completely handmade. By uniting a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam, Casper created a sleep surface that contours while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature.

The mattress is hand sewn in South Carolina and Illinois. It is made primarily of dunlop latex. The high density memory foam used decreases pressure. That is what allows you to feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. The base support of the mattress is dense which provides resilience and long lasting support.

Aside from its comfort, this mattress is also portable. Portable in the sense that the materials used, allow you to fold it should you need to put it in storage, or if you are someone that moves a lot, or if you want to keep the mattress for a lounging piece and want to switch it from room to room. In fact, when you order this mattress, it comes folded inside a box. No big annoying wrapped mattress that needs to be carried into your home by two or more delivery guys.

All in all, Casper is the new, improved, and modern mattress of the future. And best of all, you will get the best and most comfortable rest of your life on it.

Store Rating: 4.5

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