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Canada Goose History

Canada Goose is completely designed and manufactured in Canada. The company started in the 1950's, inside a warehouse in Toronto. They have been internationally recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of extreme weather outerwear.

The company was founded by Sam Tick. He was formerly a cutter for several factories. At first, he founded the company as Metro Sportswear Ltd. It wasn't until 1970 that the company changed its name to Canada Goose. The name change was a result of David Reiss, Sam Tick's son-in-law, inventing a revolutionary down filling machine.

1982 was the year that started a real reputation for Canada Goose. Laurie Skreslet becomes the first Canadian to climb Mt. Everest. Laurie worked with David to design a "big mountain" jacket. That jacket created a prototype for one of their most popular styles and designs.

In 2007, Canada Goose published its book called, "Goose People". It was created to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. It launched the concept of "Goose People". Their stories celebrate the people who they've saved from the cold with their gear.

In 2011, Canada Goose introduced its lighter-weight products.

Canada Goose products are sold in over 40 countries across the globe. They have a headquarters office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Canada Goose Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

If you're heading to an intolerably cold part of the world, you won't want to wear anything BUT, Canada Goose products. They are the world's leading extreme weather manufacturer. There is nothing more innovative than the makeup of these products.

The hoods on their jackets are made from coyote fur because, it never freezes, doesn't hold water, and the uneven hair lengths create a windbreak that protects exposed skin, helping to reduce heat loss from the face.

Canada Goose has more than 40 years of down insulation technology knowledge. This allows the company to choose the best blends of down, to meet the specific requirements of each jacket style. All of their down includes Hutterite. It's the most exquisite down available in Canada. Because of its high quality, it has the ability to to retain more warm air than other types of down. This results in lighter weight jackets that don't sacrifice warmth.

Canada Goose developed the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help its customers find the warmth they want/need for the adventures they have planned. This helps you buy a jacket that truly meets your needs and expectations. And that will be suitable for your lifestyle. It customizes your Canada Goose purchase overall.

Store Rating: 4.5

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