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Boxed Coupons December 2023

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Boxed History

Boxed was started by Chieh Huang, Christopher Cheung, and Jared Yaman. They were formerly game designers for Zynga. Zynga is a gaming studio. They are responsible for popular game apps such as, OMGPOP, and Draw Me Something. Huang, Cheung, and Yaman were actually the team behind Astro Ape Studios, a mobile game company. They sold it to Zynga is 2011.

They since formed a team of nine developers, and created Boxed. The original idea was to bring the $25 billion club-shopping market to mobile phones. They centered their concept around the fact that as big as the warehouse club industry was, a lot of people don't have access to it. This includes, college kids, people living in cities, or people in remote areas.

Ironically enough, Huang and his team knew nothing about commerce, bulk buying, shipping, or warehouses and inventory before they started this company. But, they obviously knew all the ins and outs about mobile gaming. They binge learned the warehouse industry, and joined it with their master knowledge of app design. The joined forces have created the future of warehouse shopping, and it will continue to take this industry to a whole new level.

Boxed Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Say no more to your long trips to warehouse club stores. Boxed is an online store where you can get all your favorite items, in wholesale sizes. The benefits are endless. You get to shop from the comfort of your own home, receive everything for free shipping, and best of all, no membership fees! It's totally free to have access to the "Boxed" inventory. No annoying membership card to present, no more long lines to wait in, and no wasted time wandering a plethora of aisles. Boxed also offers the choice of buying gift cards. So, now you can give the gift of stocking someone's pantry. This is a great benefit that none of the warehouse club stores offer. Another great highlight about Boxed is that it has an "on sale" section. At actual warehouse club stores, you will be lucky if you find anything on sale. But, not at Boxed. You will always find tons of products on sale, and the best part is that the products on sale vary week to week. So, you'll be saving on top of savings, on a variety of products weekly.

Lastly, Boxed has a section solely dedicated to Organic products. And, the products are not just food items. They have organic cleaning products, food, and even bath and body products!

Boxed is a company that is solely about convenience, benefits, and savings for their customers. They save you time, money, and offer a larger selection of inventory than warehouse clubs. And the best part, no membership drama, or other hidden fees. Stock up, sign out, receive, and enjoy!

Store Rating: 4.5

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