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Bonobos Coupons December 2023

Bonobos offers free shipping, free returns up to 365 days, and constantly runs sales, so we recommend buying a bunch of items in different sizes, returning what doesn't fit, and price adjusting the items you keep once they go on sale.

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Bonobos History

While attending Stanford Business school, Brian Spaly had a problem a lot of us have faced, his pants just wouldn't fit the way he wanted them too. American pants were too baggy, European pants too tight.

Most of us would just angrily shrug this nuisance off, or at most bring our trousers to a tailor, Spaly was a little more ambitious.

With a borrowed sewing machine and a little practice, Spaly handcrafted his first good pair of pants.

Lucky for him, his friends agreed that he knew what he was doing and with a little help from his housemate at the time, Andy Dunn, he started Bonobos.

Of course this was before the SOHO guide shop and the department store racks, at this time the only place to get a pair was from the trunk of Spaly's car. Bonobos grew quickly and within five months had five employees and a $1 million net revenue run rate. By 2011 Bonobos had moved from strictly the lower half of our torsos to a full, and very well done, men's line.

In 2012 Bonobos expanded their reach while partnering up with Nordstrom. You can now find the Bonobos line in select Nordstrom department stores, as well as on the Nordstrom website.

Bonobos Review

Reviewed by Life, Tailored on .

Bonobos is one of our favorite brands here at Life, Tailored. We love the story of a good startup almost as much as we love a perfect pair of pants, and Bonobos gives us both.

Of course top quality comes with a price, but you get what you pay for. Luckily, Bonobos has an amazing sale section where you can get pants, shirts, sweaters, you name it for often more than 50% off. Even in the sale section they have a ton of great finds in all different cuts and sizes. I would recommend starting with the slim straight cut for your first pair of Bonobos pants. They are as modern as you can get without getting anywhere near punk rock skinny.

All that being said, we love Bonobos. This is a brand you should definitely get acquainted with, they're going to be around for a long time, and we couldn't be more enthused.

Bonobos offers free shipping and free returns on all items up to 365. This is one of our favorite aspects about the online-first retailer. What we like to do is order a bunch of items, try them on at home, and keep only the ones that fit. Bonobos includes a prepaid label in the box (something Zappos no longer does), making returns super easy. When requesting your return, make sure to get the items refunded to your credit card and not simply reissued as store credit.

Store Rating: 5

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