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Bloomingdales Coupons October 2021

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Bloomingdales History

Bloomingdales was started during the late 1800s by the Bloomingdale brothers. Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale opened their first store in New York's Lower East Side. During that time, most fashion stores only specialized in one item. But, the Bloomingdale brothers created a store that sold much more than just one item. They began to import fashions from Europe, and sell it in the United States. That was the birth of the first real department store in the U.S. By the 1920's the store had grown tremendously, taking over most of the city's retail. By the 70s, Bloomingdales was the store to shop at for everyone. Foreigners flocked to the store, royals flocked to the store, celebrities flocked to the store. To this day, it upholds it's title as king of department stores.

Bloomingdales Review

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Bloomingdales is a department store that sells top notch quality and styles, with an ample amount of diversity. The principle they stand behind, is to sell exclusivity. They pride themselves in setting themselves apart from the rest. They make sure their stores visually offer both a modern, yet regal shopping experience. And their merchandise are things you may find very difficult to find elsewhere. They gear towards carrying luxury brands and designers, while still settings trends of their own. Even though the company has been around for so long, it still remains to be a signature in the retail world, and a pop culture icon as well. They must be doing something right.

Store Rating: 5

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