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A.P.C. Coupons February 2024

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A.P.C. History

A.P.C was created by designer, Jean Touitou. A.P.C. stands for 'Atelier de Production et de Création'. He took pride in designing clothing that is bluntly described as "boring". It's all about simple designs. A.P.C started in 1987, and the brand is now sold in 63 stores, across 10 countries. A.P.C focuses on minimalist designs . Designs, logos, and colors are kept toned down. One of their most popular items are their jeans. They are made to fade quickly after washes. So, it gives them the perfect worn/faded/vintage look that some people love. All their clothing is characterized by having a slight military flare in appearance. The fit of the clothing is also a trademark for the brand. Ironically, Touitou is not a fan of loose clothing, so he made his clothing line to fit just like that. Their flagship store is located in Paris, France.

A.P.C. Review

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APC is a clothing company that specializes on overly simple designs. It does not care about making a statement, loud colors, or detailed textures. It just sells boring, raw, and to the point designs. And, that's not us calling their designs "boring". A.P.C. actually prides itself calling its designs "boring". But, aside from its design fundamentals, it has become quite popular. Simple clothing items go with everything....match everything. This principal is what has made A.P.C so sought after. People need those simple items in their wardrobes to piece outfits together. So, in reality...A.P.C is operating under a great design tactic, and marketing strategy. "Boring" works for them....and it's because, "boring" sells...

Store Rating: 4

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