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How to Get More Brand Deals as a Micro-Influencer Content Creator [Learn to Prospect]

How to Land Brand Deals as a Micro-Influencer

Know Your Worth

First and foremost, you must understand your value as an influencer, even if you’re just starting out. Your audience, no matter its size, is a valuable asset to brands, especially those looking to reach niche markets.

When pricing your services, consider factors such as the time and effort you’ll put into creating content, the exclusivity of the content, and the reach and engagement rate of your posts. For instance, based on the WGU’s request, your rates should be clearly defined for different types of content like Youtube shorts, 30s and 60s integrations.

Master Your Pitch

Your pitch is your first impression, and it needs to be a good one. Draw inspiration from Andrew’s pitch. He highlighted his alignment with the brand’s values, his relevance to the campaign and detailed how he would execute it.

Align Your Content

Ensure that the brands you work with align with your content and audience. Working with an education-focused brand like WGU would be great if your audience is largely made up of ambitious, tech-savvy professionals or students interested in business and IT.

Showcase Your Work

When approaching brands, be ready to share examples of relevant work you’ve done. This helps to illustrate your content style, quality, and the potential results the brand can expect.

Create Unique Concepts

Stand out from the crowd by proposing unique concepts for the collaboration. Take Andrew’s concept for example. His “Invest in Your Mind: The Ultimate Asset” series presents a creative way to promote WGU’s online learning while maintaining relevancy to his audience of real estate investors.

By putting these strategies into practice, you can effectively attract, pitch, and secure brand deals that will help grow your influence and income. Remember, every collaboration is a stepping stone to the next, so approach each with professionalism and creativity.

Sample Pitch for Education (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube)

Hey Team,

Andrew here from LifeTailored.com, the luxury lifestyle guide for real estate investors. With my extensive experience in the tech and real estate field, and my ability to speak to the benefits of higher education, I believe I’d be an ideal fit for this campaign.

My Youtube channel is under “LifeTailored.” For a Youtube short, my rate is $XYZ; for a 30-second integration, my rate is $XYZ, and for a 60-second integration, my rate is $XYZ.

The reason I find WGU interesting and aligns with my audience is its model of accelerated, affordable, and accessible online learning. This resonates with my audience, a group of ambitious, hardworking, and forward-thinking individuals who see education as a valuable investment.

For real estate investors, being well-rounded in fields like Business and IT is a game-changer. It offers them an edge to analyze markets, manage properties digitally, and run an efficient, profitable business. WGU’s career-focused online degrees are a perfect fit for this.

Now, here’s my concept:

“Invest in Your Mind: The Ultimate Asset”

The series will showcase the unique advantages of WGU, highlighting the flexibility of online learning for busy professionals. This isn’t just for those considering a career shift, but also for those wanting to enhance their current skills.

  1. “Flexible Learning, Unlimited Earning”: An IG Carousel showing a day in the life of a real estate investor, juggling between managing properties, studying for an MBA online at WGU, and enjoying life’s luxuries.
  2. “The Tech-Savvy Investor”: A TikTok Video or an IG Reel showcasing how tech skills gained from WGU’s IT courses can elevate a real estate investor’s game, from data analysis to cybersecurity.
  3. “Future-Proof Your Career with WGU”: An Instagram Story series where I can share how an online degree from WGU can help our audience adapt to the changing business landscape.

Check out my previous work on LifeTailored.com, where I discuss the importance of continuous learning and personal growth in the realm of high-end real estate investment.

Excited to work on this campaign!

Best, Andrew Wise Founder, LifeTailored.com

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