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Whindersson Nunes Net Worth

What Is Whindersson Nunes Worth?

Whindersson Nunes's Net Worth is $3 million

Hailing from Brazil, Whindersson Nunes  is known for his comedy videos and have earned more than 30 million subscribers to his YouTube channel whinderssonnunes. His channel became the most subscribed in Brazil and currently got the 8th most-subscribed channel on YouTube.


Whindersson Nunes Biography


Who is Whindersson Nunes?

Whindersson was born on January 5, 1995, a Brazilian YouTube comedian and singer  who tried several times to get his channel be recognized.  His real name is Whindersson Nunes Batista.


His YouTube Career

Nunes started out his YouTube career in the year 2013. He created his new channel named whinderssonnunes  and began posting diverse range of videos that included parody videos to vlogs and songs on his channel since his past YouTube channel got hacked and deleted. A YouTuber Bob Nunes invited him with his family to live in the north of the city in a neighborhood. The channel started to grow soon from there.


The 8th most subscribed YouTube Channel

His YouTube channel has crossed over 30 million subscribers and it has become currently the most subscribed channel in Brazil, leaving behind Porta dos Fundos only. Later on, he surpassed them and currently became the 8th most subscribed YouTube channel around three months later.


The 2nd most influential star on YouTube

Whindersson was titled  as the second most influential person in Brazil. He portrays his childhood and daily life in a fun way. He always starts his videos with the phrase: “Hey, guys watching my channel, how are you?” He humorously portrays subjects of his day-to-day life and childhood. The most watched video of the channel is the parody entitled “WHAT IS THE WIFI PASSWORD” Hello Parody by Adelle that exceeded 63 million views.


“Alô vó, tô reprovado” song parody

The song parody he uploaded to his YouTube channel received  five million views on its first week and that song is “Alô vó, tô reprovado” wherein it gained many views and subscribers.

Transition from Youtuber to a Star

Whindersson Nunes is also does acting and stand-up. He is in the cast of “The Penetras 2” with Pc Siqueira, Júlio Cocielo and Maju Trindade as newcomers in the cast and the veterans are: Mariana Ximenes, Marcelo Adnet and Eduardo Sterblitch. Whindersson Nunes is also in the cast called “Internet – The Movie”, along with other great youtubers, among them: Kéfera Buchmann, Christian Figueiredo and Rafinha Bastos.


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Whindersson Nunes Instagram

Follow @https://www.instagram.com/whinderssonnunes/?hl=en on Instagram.

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