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Vegetta777 Net Worth

What Is Vegetta777 Worth?

Vegetta777's Net Worth is $3 million

With more than 22.7 million subscribers, and also currently has 9 billion video views. With over 2,000 videos and a cumulative total of nearly 4,000 million visits, Vegetta777 is the second most popular Spanish Youtuber, only behind the famous ElRubius, and third in the world for Spanish-speaking outgrow ElRubius and HolaSoyGermán.

Vegetta777 Biography

Who is Vegetta777

Vegetta777, whose real name is Samuel de Luque, is a famous Spanish Youtuber and gamer born in 1989. At 26, he has nearly 12 million subscribers in his personal YouTube channel, created in 2008.


Youtube  Career

Vegetta777 began his career on the network as a youtuber. The first video on YouTube was uploaded on the Uncharted 3 video game, where people can see him playing the videogame while he explains that through this video he wants to introduce to his followers his personal channel. The famous youtuber videos content usually is a Gameplay. Gameplays are videos where youtubers record themselves playing a videogame while they comment and explain the skills and the tricks they do on it. These recordings tend to be successful amongst fans of video games because as they play, many of them tend to watch these videos to learn new challenges that can be completed in the game and so far did not know. The recorded videos and comment in the same room of their home. This usually like their followers, and they see the celebrity as a person close and accessible.


Transition to Youtuber to a star

A great part of his initial fame was because the uploaded videos from The Hunger Games made on a Pirate Server reached a lot of users who can’t play the original Minecraft and extending the rate and kind of viewers he has. Currently he only plays in Premium Servers with different modes of Minecraft like The Hunger Games, The Walls, Defend the Village, The Super Hunger Games, Destroy the Nexus, etc.His official server where he always plays right now is Olimpocraft, a premium server with a variety of games like Hunger Games, Pizza Spleef, Escape from the Beast, and more.He is often acclaimed for his interaction with the people asking them what they would like in his series, taking their advice, and greeting them on the videos.




Vegetta777 is also a great friend of the famous Spanish youtuber Willyrex. Both of them have written two books together which are entitled Wigetta, A Magical Journey and Wiggetta, a Dorado crosier. They narrate the experiences of two adventurous characters who represent themselves. As evident in the title of the books, Wigetta comes from the fusion of Willyrex and Vegetta777 names. The Youtube celebrities have also made several series broadcasted by YouTube, most of them of Minecraft, a game of \”open world\” where the player builds and destroys blocks and modifiable buildings.


Diamond Play Buttons

In 2015, Vegetta777 and ElRubius were given the Diamond Button, an award that only 28 people in the world have and YouTube gives to the ones who have exceed 10 million subscribers and that makes them the most recognized youtubers.

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