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Tom Kenny Net Worth

What Is Tom Kenny Worth?

Tom Kenny's Net Worth is $14 Million


Kenny has acted in many movies and TV appears, appearing in How I Got Into College (1989) and later showed up in movies, for example, Shakes The Clown and Comic Book: The Movie. He showed up in portray comedies The Edge and Mr. Appear. He shows up in the real to life fragments of SpongeBob SquarePants as Patchy the Pirate and showed up on R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour on the season four scene, “Uncle Howee” as Uncle Howee, a high-vitality children’s show have with unusual forces.

Kenny said that he voices “a considerable measure of sweet yellow characters for reasons unknown.” He portrayed SpongeBob’s voice as in the middle of that of a kid and a grown-up, expressing “Think a Stan Laurel, Jerry Lewis sort of tyke man. Sort of like a Munchkin however not exactly, sort of like a child, but rather not in a Charlie Brown youngster’s voice on the TV appears.”

Joe Murray tried out Kenny for voice acting parts for the arrangement in a throwing bring in Los Angeles, California. On one event, the makers required Kenny to fill the part of Charlie Adler, who was missing. He voices Cupid for the Nickelodeon demonstrate The Fairly OddParents.

Joe Murray picked Kenny for a few parts on another of his tasks, Camp Lazlo as Scoutmaster Lumpus and Slinkman, on the grounds that Murray, in the wake of seeing Kenny’s past work for Rocko’s Modern Life, felt that Kenny “adds keeping in touch with his parts” and “brings to such an extent”.

He voiced Dog in CatDog, and in addition the voice of Cliff. He voices many characters in The Powerpuff Girls, including the Mayor, the Narrator, Mitch Mitchelson, Snake, and Little Arturo from the Gangrene Gang, Rainbow the Clown, and so forth. He voiced Eduardo, and different characters in Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Dr. Two-Brains in the PBS Kids show, WordGirl and the lowlifess Knightbrace, The Common Cold and Mr. Wink in Codename Kids Next Door.


Kenny is The Penguin in 2004 TV arrangement The Batman.

He assumes various parts in the Transformers Animated TV appear. A couple of the characters he voices in this arrangement are Starscream and his clones, Isaac Sumdac and Waspinator. Kenny additionally voiced a few characters on the energized indicate Xiaolin Showdown, and also the Autobots Skids and Wheelie in the real life Transformers film arrangement. On Dilbert, Kenny voiced Ratbert, Asok, and other one-time characters. He played Mr. Hal Gibson in the energized kids indicate Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!.


In 2009, Kenny turned into a customary cast voice in the Fox drama arrangement Sit Down, Shut Up. He voices Muhammad Sabeeh “Glad” Fa-ach Nuabar, the cryptic caretaker who is plotting a fear monger assault, and in addition Happy’s mediator. The arrangement debuted on April 19, 2009. Kenan Thompson, Kristin Chenoweth, Jason Bateman, Nick Kroll, Cheri Oteri, Henry Winkler, Will Arnett, and Will Forte are the other fundamental cast individuals.


He plays The Ice King and Magic Man on Adventure Time. In 2011, Kenny assumed control over the part of Rabbit from Ken Sansom in Winnie the Pooh. From 2012–2014, Kenny voiced Woody Johnson on Comedy Central’s Brickleberry. He voices Flain, Seismo, and Teslo in Mixels, Sumo in the Cartoon Network demonstrate Clarence, Daddo in Henry Hugglemonster, Dr. Otto Octavius on The Ultimate Spider-Man, and Leo Callisto in Miles from Tomorrowland.

He has likewise given voices in TV ads to Best Buy (as a mythical being for a Christmas spot). what’s more, Experian (as a talking modem close by DC Douglas)

Tom Kenny Biography

Thomas James Kenny is an American performing artist and entertainer referred to for his long-running part as the title character in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV arrangement and movies.

Kenny’s expert amusement livelihood started as a young person when he and his companion Bobcat Goldthwaite began to fill in as stand-up entertainers. Depicting Kenny’s high quality schedules, Goldthwaite says, “Tom would get up there and discuss his specialist and he didn’t have an advisor, he simply adored Woody Allen.” Kenny performed stand-up satire around the nation for around eight years before he proceeded onward to different settings.

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Tom Kenny Instagram

Tom Kenny deos not have an Instagram account.

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