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Tim Allen Net Worth

What Is Tim Allen Worth?

Tim Allen's Net Worth is $80 million


He moved to Los Angeles and started performing at The Comedy Store.

Slowly and gradually, he started to make appearances on the late night talk shows. But fame and the conclusive success came with ‘Home Improvement (1991-1999)’.

With his solid role as Tim “The Tool-Man” Taylor in ‘Home Improvement’ on ABC, Allen started gaining more recognition in Hollywood and in 1994, he starred in the highest grossing film of the year ‘The Santa Clause’. In 1994, Allen published his New York Times best-seller, ‘Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man’. Next year, he worked on the famous voice over work in his career—‘Buzz Lightyear’ in ‘Toy Story’. Along with his acting career, Allen formed his own race team with Steve Saleen and race driver Bob Bondurant. He called it ‘Saleen/Allen “RRR” Speedlab. The team ran Saleen Mustangs in the SCCA World Challenge. In 1997, he starred in ‘Jungle 2 Jungle’. Even though it was a Disney Production, it bombed at the box office. In the following year, he was again cast in ‘Toy Story 2’ as ‘Buzz Lightyear’.



In the 2000’s, Allen worked in movies like, ‘Galaxy Quest (2000)’—a science fiction parody with Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, etc., ‘American Wedding (2003)’, ‘Zoom (2006)’, ‘The Santa Clause 3 (2006)’, and ‘The Shaggy Dog (2003)’. He took over television and radio with his “Pure Michigan” commercials in 2009. He did these famous commercials for Travel Michigan agency. In the same year, he started the preview tour of his movie ‘Crazy on the Outside’.



Since 2011, Allen has starred in the ABC sitcom, ‘Last Man Standing’. He plays the role of a dad, ‘Mike Baxter’, who is struggling to establish his masculinity in the household dominated by women––his wife and three daughters.


Tim Allen Biography

Timothy Allen Dick is an American actor, comedian, voice over artist, entertainer and writer. After struggling for years as a stand-up comedian at the comedy clubs in Los Angeles and appearing in small time cable shows and television commercials, Allen got his big opportunity with ABC’s sitcom, ‘Home Improvement’. The series ran for a glorious 8 years and kick started his acting career and established him as an actor and comedian in Hollywood. Right after, he got meaty roles in movies like ‘Galaxy Quest’ and ‘The Santa Clause’ film series and he gave voice over for the character of ‘Buzz Lightyear’ in the ‘Toy Story’ film series. Allen’s life became chaotic since he was young as his father died when he was only 11. He got into the business of narcotics to make easy money and was arrested for the possession of cocaine and was put behind the bars for 28 months.
Allen was offered a better role at the sporting goods store—work in its in-house advertising agency and things started getting better for him but he continued to deal in narcotics. In 1978, he was arrested for possession of cocaine. Out on bail, Allen tried his talent by trying his hand at stand-up comedy by making debut at Detroit’s Comedy Castle. Right after his performance, he was taken in to testify and received 28 months in jail. In Detroit, he started to get more recognition by appearing in local television adverts and performing in cable comedy shows like, ‘Some Semblance of Sanity’.

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