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Slim Jesus Net Worth

What Is Slim Jesus Worth?

Slim Jesus's Net Worth is $300 thousand

He is an American rapper known for his “hit” single Drill Time. He has turned into a discussion after individuals have needed to slaughter him. This tune was discharged on Aug 18, 2015, and got the media consideration because of the way that Slim is white and the dominant part of bore tunes are made by African Americans. He some of the time alluded to as the white Chief Keef, in 2014, another white rapper by name of Brewski was being marked the white Chief Keef.

Slim Jesus is to a great degree dynamic on Twitter and consistently expounds on taking Molly and smoking weed. He said once, “begin tweeting 500 times each day and assume control Twitter.” That mirrors a comparable comment made by Snoop Dogg on Dutch TV demonstrate a few years prior.

His tune recordings began with the disclaimer that the greater part of the unlawful materials in the video are “props.” By illicit materials, it’s presumable that Slim Jesus implies the greater part of the firearms that he and his group wave around. Some even have laser locate.

Slim Jesus Biography

Slim Jesus his genuine name is Clarence Smith conceived on April 10, 1997 in Hamilton, OH.

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Slim Jesus Instagram

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