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Rick Harrison Net Worth

What Is Rick Harrison Worth?

Rick Harrison's Net Worth is $8 million


Rick Harrison and his dad opened the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop under two miles from the Las Vegas Strip in 1989.


By 2005, Harrison and his dad were advancing out about $3 million yearly, which realized them $700,000 in intrigue salary. After a year, in 2006, Harrison was referred to in Las Vegas as a pawnbroker having exceptional games things that came finish with a story, including a 2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring that had a place with American football cornerback Brock Williams. His business additionally served speculators who, as indicated by his child, regularly came into “pawn something so they have gas to get back home.


As indicated by Harrison in 2010, the things frequently brought into the store are adornments.


In January 2014, Harrison turned into a representative for the Micro Touch One Razor, an individual nurture guys. Harrison showed up in a TV plug advancing the One Razor product offering. In June 2014, History debuted United Stuff of America, an arrangement from the makers of Pawn Stars that spotlights on eminent antiques that were utilized as a part of imperative crossroads ever, for example, the stick with which Andrew Jackson battled off a presidential professional killer, the hatchet Abraham Lincoln utilized as a youthful rail splitter, and the pencils Ulysses S. Concede used to compose his journals

Rick Harrison Biography

Richard Kevin “Rick the Spotter” Harrison conceived March 22, 1965, in Davidson, North Carolina. He is an American, Las Vegas-based agent and unscripted tv character, best known as the co-proprietor of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, as included on the History arrangement Pawn Stars. He co-claims the pawn shop with his dad, Richard Benjamin Harrison, which they opened in 1989. Harrison dropped out of secondary school to seek after his “$2,000 seven days business of offering fake Gucci sacks.

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