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Michael Oher Net Worth

What Is Michael Oher Worth?

Michael Oher's Net Worth is $20 million


In 2006, he was placed at the left tackle during the season, and also became offensive lineman of the second-team ‘Southeastern Conference’ (SEC) after his sophomore season and named an offensive lineman of the first-team ‘SEC’ after his junior season. During this time, he also improved academically. He dropped his plan of joining the ‘2008 NFL (National Football League) Draft’ and joined the ‘Ole Miss Rebels’ senior team. At the end of this season, he was named the first-team All-American. The following year, he completed his graduation in criminal justice.



In 2009, he was selected at the ‘2009 NFL Draft’ by the ‘Baltimore Ravens’, later, he was given a jersey with the number 74 in it, and also entered into a contract with the ‘Baltimore Ravens’ team.

At the beginning of 2009 season, he was placed at the right tackle position and later, he played at the left tackle position, and again moved to play as the right tackle.

In the 2010 season, he was placed as the right tackle and the Ravens won by 33-14 against the ‘New England Patriots’. For the following season, his team declared that he would be playing as the right tackle. The ‘Baltimore Ravens’ won by 34-31, against the ‘San Francisco 49ers’ in the ‘Super Bowl XLVII’. This led Oher win the ‘Super Bowl ring’, which was his first since his football career began.



In 2014, he entered into a contract with the ‘Tennessee Titans’ team. However, owing to several injuries which also included a toe-injury, he missed many games and as such his contract with the Titans was terminated the following year.

In 2015, he entered into a contract with the ‘Carolina Panthers’ who reportedly said that he would be playing as the left tackle.

Michael Oher Biography

Michael Oher is a young sporting sensation in the American football world. He did not have a smooth childhood as his father was often in the prison and his mother was under the influence of alcohol and drugs most of the time. As a result, he did not do well as a student, until he was taken into foster care. He grew in foster care and finally was adopted by a couple. His adoptive parents provided him with much love and care which his life lacked. Eventually, he improved as a student and enhanced his interest in sports. He worked hard to improve his grades to get through the ‘National Collegiate Athletic Association’ (NCAA). His passion for the game acted as fuel and he worked hard eventually, emerging as an exceptional player. Many universities wanted him to join their team and even offered him scholarship. However, he chose the ‘University of Mississippi’ which was his foster parents’ alma mater. Since then he has been climbing the ladder of success step by step, and is now one of the most renowned names in American Football. He has many awards and trophies to his credit, apart from the many wins he has registered in his career till date
He had opportunities of getting scholarships from universities such as Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, South California, and Louisiana State, but he chose to play for the ‘University of Mississippi’ under the guidance of coach Ed Orgeron. Thus, he started to play for the ‘Ole Miss Rebels’ football team. Initially, he played as a guard in the team and was also named the Freshman All-America.

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