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Mark Driscoll Net Worth

What Is Mark Driscoll Worth?

Mark Driscoll's Net Worth is $2.5 million


After the cataclysmic 2010 Haiti quake, Driscoll and James MacDonald established Churches Helping Churches to help houses of worship modify after disastrous catastrophic events.

Mark and Grace Driscoll distributed their first book together, titled Real Marriage:


On March 29, 2014, four previous Mars Hill older folks (Kyle Firstenberg, Dave Kraft, Scott Mitchell, and fellow benefactor Lief Moi) made a blog titled “Contrite Pastor” and posted online “admissions and conciliatory sentiments” identified with their positions of authority in Mars Hill.

Mark Driscoll Biography

Mark A. Driscoll conceived October 11, 1970 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He is an American zealous Christian minister, creator, and the previous Minister of Mars Hill Church, a megachurch in Seattle, Washington.

After graduation, Mark and Grace migrated to Seattle, where they went to Antioch Bible Church and worked with that congregation’s school service as volunteers. Mark was contracted as an understudy a couple of months after the fact. Through his temporary position, Mark met Mike Gunn, who worked for an Athletes in real life service at the University of Washington, and Lief Moi, a radio show have. The three men started to talk about planting an “urban, postmodern” church in Seattle. Greg Kappas, the minister in charge of Antioch Bible Church’s new church planting service, coached the three and helped them build up their plans.

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