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Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth

What Is Leonardo DiCaprio Worth?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Net Worth is $217 million


His love for acting could be seen early on in his interests in imitating people, playing pranks with his parents and performing self created skits.

At the age of five only, he was at the sets of the television series for children called ‘Romper Room’ which he could not carry for long due to being troublesome at such a tender age.

He started with making small appearances in commercials and educational films, the ad for Matchbox Cars being his first at the age of 14.

It was in 1990 that he made his debut in television through a short series based on a comedy movie ‘Parenthood’ for which he earned a nomination for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor too.

Later on, he made appearances in shows such as ‘The New Lassie’ and ‘Roseanne’.

A major turning point in his career came in 1991 when he participated in the family comedy ‘Growing Pains’ and made his film debut with the horror movie ‘Critters 3’.

It was in 1993 that his work was widely acclaimed even by the critics in ‘This Boy’s Life’ opposite Robert De Niro which was a movie based on disturbed relations between a son and a stepfather.

Another feather in his cap came with the movie ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ in 1993. He starred along with Johnny Depp in the movie.

It was after 1995 that his career grew exponentially with his films on diverse subjects like ‘The Basketball Diaries’ and ‘The Quick’ and the Dead’.

DeCaprio also played the role of Romeo opposite Claire Danes as Juliet in Shakespeare’s inspired movie Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann in 1996.

Leonardo’s career touched new heights with the release of the tragic love story, ‘Titanic’ by James Cameron, opposite Kate Winslet in 1997. It crossed a budget of over $200 million, thereby becoming the most expensive film ever made. With the grand success of the film, Leonardo proved his capabilities in handling lead roles in the Hollywood.

His performances in ‘The Aviator’ (2004), ‘Blood Diamond’ (2006) and ‘The Departed’ (2006) were well acclaimed and received Academy Award nominations. Leonardo also wrote a documentary in 2007 with environment as its main subject. He has partnered with Netflix for the production of more such documentaries.

He performed in a biographical drama ‘J. Edgar’ in 2011, backing up his performance with lot of research. He portrayed the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the film and received much appreciation for his subtle and persuasive performance.
In 2013, he played former stockbroker Jordan Belfort in the black comedy film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie, a recollection of Belfort’s perspective on his career as a stockbroker in New York City, was adapted from the memoir of the same name by Jordan Belfort.
DiCaprio starred in ‘The Revenant’ in 2015. The film, based in part on Michael Punke’s novel with the same title is inspired by the experiences of frontiersman Hugh Glass, portrayed by DiCaprio. He won Best Actor in Oscars for this movie.

Apart from acting, Leonardo also owns a production company, Appian Way Productions

Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a renowned American actor and producer known for his good looks and exceptional acting skills. Marking his entry through television in 1991 with ‘Santa Barbara’, he went on to become an international star.

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